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Our portfolio includes startups in the medical device, biotechnology, and consulting fields.
Below is a sampling of some of our ventures.

Alch3Me is a holistic wellness venture utilizing a seven dimension framework to promote balance and actualize true wellness. Founded in 2018, Alch3Me educates, engages, and enlightens end users to transform the way they think of health to help them reach their full potential.

Co-Founders: Matt Butler and Jesse Scalise

Andros Robotics

AndrosRobotics LLC is a spinoff company from Northeastern University in Boston, MA.  We are developing our first product, the Robotic Leg Advancement Device (R-LAD), with funds from the National Science Foundation (SBIR/STTR program) and from our industrial partners.

Bionet Sonar

BioNet Sonar is developing ultrasonic wireless networking technology to connect implantable and wearable medical cyber devices. Our platform technology can be used in medical implants as diverse as pacemakers, cardiac defibrillators, insulin pumps, pressure sensors, and neurostimulators. A new generation of wearable medical systems can be powered by our technology for better health monitoring and assisted living.


BraveLeaf has developed an electronic medical record system specifically for Assisted Living Facilities. Guided by deep understanding of the assisted living workflow, we have developed a two-screen approach to provide just the right interface on the iPad at the point of care, and on the computer at the nursing station.

Key Benefits:
► BraveLeaf has solved the last mile problem of Health IT – a point of care mobile interface that is fast and easy enough to use in the course of providing actual care, not just at the nursing station.
► A true productivity tool, with reported savings of 24 nursing hours per week for a 130 bed facility.
► By overcoming the garbage in, garbage out paradigm, we enable more accurate billing and more meaningful Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement activities.

Key Functionality:
► A robust task scheduling platform capable of generating comprehensive task checklists for each caregiver. The system aggregates tasks from medication lists, care plans, and other care documents to create unambiguous population-level task checklists, specific for each caregiver, without burdening them with paging through multitude of discrete documents at the point of care.
► Caregivers can electronically sign for each task and report exceptions right from the mobile device.
► Administrators can audit and act on incomplete tasks in real time.

Broccoli Labs is asoftware platform under development that will connect a food-health value chain and enable healthcare providers, insurers, and other population health stakeholders to prescribe and underwrite the cost of healthy foods.

Co-Founders: Matt Haffenreffer and Josh Trautwein

CareWell Adult Day Wellness Center

CareWell Adult Day Wellness Center is a community based organization that provides care to adults with varying health care needs. CareWell Adult Day Wellness Center collaborates with local community health organizations, in an effort to provide the best health care services available. It is our goal to preserve the wellness of our participants and their families, by providing these comprehensive services. Once you meet our team of health care professionals, you will have peace of mind, knowing that your loved one is safe and is receiving compassionate healthcare in a stimulating, pleasant environment.


Foodspace is creating an app and platform, to help people streamline their food experience to better manage their personal food space and waste less. Formed in 2017, we help consumers find delicious recipes, create shopping lists, manage inventory all while saving money and improving nutrition. So be it planning, shopping, or cooking, we are creating an intentional food experience for people to build their most authentic and conscious connections to food. Know your food, build your plan, waste less.

Co-Founders: Ayo Oshinaike, Dan Yaghsizian, Montana Fredrick

Heads Up Health

Heads Up Health was founded by a team of health-conscious technology experts on the simple concept that being healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. We saw a world of disjointed medical records, underutilized health tracking technologies and abundant, but poorly managed, health data. We felt that intelligent software could provide the perfect solution. Based on our belief that well-organized data holds the key to optimal health, we have created a central space where you can manage and explore your own.

Founder: David Korsunsky

Healthcare Accreditation Resources LLC

Healthcare Accreditation Resources LLC is one of the leading firms of consultants in the assessment and management of healthcare safety and environmental risks. We help develop, implement, and maintain health and safety compliance programs for medical practices, dental practices, and clinical laboratory settings.

HealMatch is reducing isolation withan online collaborative environment for people living with a chronic illness or other health challenges, connecting to one another and healthcare professionals to learn, grow, and support one another in healing.

Founder: Paula Stanziani


Hirenurses.com LLC is a Boston based company, founded by 2 Nurses (a Mother-Daughter Team) with the mission to Redefine Nursing, for Nurses, By Nurses. Our goal to make the Nursing Profession easily accessible and valued by creating a place where anyone and everyone, from individual to hospital, can connect with and hire nurses. Our goal is to be more than a job board – we want to create a community – for our Nurses, families and businesses.

IC Health

IC Health is in the Honduran medical market that brings low cost, high quality diabetic products such as the glucometer, complemented with diabetic education to the diabetics with lower incomes.

Founder: Nader Yacaman Juha


Imaginostics, Inc. is medical imaging diagnostics biotechnology company fulfilling unmet clinical needs in quantitative non-invasive diagnostics. Currently no standardized diagnostic tests exist for small vessel disease, or neurodegenerative diseases, such as dementias like Alzheimer’s disease. Founded in July 2018, our diagnostic technology, QUTE-CE MRI, fulfills this unmet medical need by providing a new biomarker – which is the measurement of the physiological blood vessel density (or cerebral blood volume CBV). Other techniques in MRI only make relative measurements and have too high error to be used in common clinical practice. Ultimately, our technology will enable earlier, faster and more quantitative diagnostics insights to help guide care and predict cost for patients.

Co-Founders: Codi Gharagouzloo and Jonathan Lawson

IV SafeT has re-imagined vascular access by inventing a medical device for a critical part of the intravenous (IV) pathway. The Lang Lock replaces the current luer lock, which secures the IV tubing to the IV catheter. The Lang Lock improves clinician ease of use with its color-coded surfaces and ridged sides to provide greater gripping traction when locking the device. It also enhances patient comfort as a result of its smaller and lower profile size and anatomically correct flat skin-contact surface.

Co-Founders: Maggie McLaughlin and Melinda Watman

Twitter: @IV_Safe_T

Mat Skincare created a compound that combines collagen, hyaluronic acid, and ceria nano-particles, resulting anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to be used to impregnate bandages, or in cosmetics for anti-aging, or as a coating on medical devices.

Co-Founders: Max Bizanek and Natalie Alletag

NeuroFieldz is a portable diagnostics combining brain sensors and a virtual reality headset for neuro-ophthalmology.

Co-Founders: Craig Versek and Srinivas Sridhar

NextSteps Connect is creating engaging, hospital-branded mobile apps that connect patients to the information and support they need for a personalized and meaningful health care experience.

Founder: Adam Greenstein

Nightingale Apps

Nightingale Apps is a health technology company that addresses a pervasive information need for nurses providing direct patient care.   Our patent-pending mobile application, Know My Patient TM, streamlines the inefficiencies of accessing and entering vital information that nurses needs to know about each of their patients on a daily basis. Know My Patient TM provides active and passive clinical decision support modules while integrating with a facility’s electronic health record (EHR) in an effort to drive more cost-effective care that benefits the nurses, patients and families, hospitals, and EHR vendors.

Patient Packets is a mobile optimized digital platform that eases the integration of patients into post-acute care facilities, physician practices and other health care services.

Founder: Patrick Duroucher

QSM Diagnostics, a recent graduate of the HSE program, was formed in 2014, as a spin-off company utilizing technology developed by the Goluch Group at Northeastern University. We are commercializing sensors that continuously monitor and identify infections at wound sites and in critical care situations.

Quad Technologies QuickGel, a product of Quad Technologies, is an unique dissolvable hydrogel which contains covalently bound antibodies or proteins at the users choosing.

Richard Brinsley. Every 30 seconds, one foot is amputated due to diabetes. Diabetic footwear is a proven preventive measure that can help reduce foot ulcers which can lead to amputation. However, adherence to diabetic shoes is low because over 18% of people dislike the styles and lack of options of their shoes and state that they are not cosmetically acceptable. Founded in 2016, Richard Brinsley sells a range of diabetic footwear that combines medical performance and chic style at a fraction of the cost.

Founder: Vidhan Bhaiya

Theranano is translating nanomedicines and quantitative MRI to the clinic.

Founder: Srinivas Sridhar
Mentor: Carl LeBel

Therapeutic Innovations

Therapeutic Innovations aim to satisfy unmet needs of children and pediatric surgeons around the world, mostly developing countries. We aim to redesign and reduce the cost of medical devices and hope that someday all children across the globe will have access to modern healthcare.

  • Chemistry can be tailored toward any biological capture moiety
  • Minimizes non-specific binding
  • Non-cytotoxic
  • Dissolvable coating: easily removed

VocaliD creates the first-ever custom voices for those who communicate through assistive technologies. Each one of us has a unique voiceprint. Yet until now, the millions worldwide who rely on computerized speech have been given uniform voices. Voices that don’t fit their bodies or their personalities. We wouldn’t dream of fitting a little girl with the prosthetic limb of a grown man, so why then the same prosthetic voice? Leveraging cutting-edge technology, VocaliD blends the recipient’s vocalizations (as little as a single vowel sound) with donated speech to craft a voice that is as understandable as the donor’s while conveying the vocal identity of the recipient. Those whose speech may have been limited due to autism, cerebral palsy, genetic conditions, stroke, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), brain injury, or head and/or neck cancer can reclaim their unique voiceprint to work, play, learn, and build relationships speaking as themselves, through their own voice.