Women in Khoury College of Computer Sciences

First-year female students who are interested in Computer Sciences will find a supportive and academically challenging home in this community. Students will not only receive all of the academic and social support that their male counterparts receive, but will also develop support networks and mentorships in their field. This community is designed to immerse students in the supplemental content of a rigorous course of study while helping them to develop the important social and global skills necessary for them to be successful after life at Northeastern. In heavily male-dominated fields, these women leaders will begin to build support networks for their time at Northeastern and beyond!


 "My RA has the exact same major that I do. We are both Computer Science and Mathematics duals, so any classes I have questions with, I can always ask him. In terms of the entire floor, we all have the same classes, so we are all going through similar things. Our common room is always in use and our floor is very social. We have a good time, and we like to work together since it is encouraged."
- Mike May, 2013



Community Events Include:
  • Dinner with the Dean
  • Evolution of Gaming
  • Art of Artificial Intelligence
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