Summer Housing

Northeastern Summer Housing

Are you planning on continuing a full or part-time course(s) or co-op during a summer term? Or working on/off campus through the summer months? If so, Northeastern University's housing staff can help you find open accommodations that fit your needs.

The Summer Terms are open to a broader audience:

  • Full-time Northeastern students in classes or on co-op.
  • Full-time Northeastern students taking a part-time course load at Northeastern for the summer.
  • Full-time Northeastern students with the summer “off” who are working full-time (on or off campus) and wish to live on campus.
  • Non-Northeastern students who are taking 2 or more courses at Northeastern during the summer and who are listed under “Special Student” status.

Nuterm (first year summer i)

All current first years who are registered for summer 1 classes are REQUIRED to live on campus.  Since students are required to stay on campus, no deposit is needed. Registered students will be able to choose their housing during NUterm Housing Selection in April.

NUterm Housing Application and Selection Process SEE HERE.

NUterm Move-in/out SEE HERE.


During Summer Sessions only a limited number of buildings are open.

Building Enhanced Studio Single Enhanced Single Bedroom Enhanced Studio Double Enhanced Double Bedroom
768 Columbus (Law only) $4,030*
Davenport A Commons $3,103 $2,758
West Village A - South $3,103 $2,758
West Village B $3,103 $2,758
West Village C $3,103 $2,758
West Village E  $3,323* $3,103  $2,705 $2,758
Douglass Park $3,103 $2,758
Building Standard Studio Single Standard Single Bedroom Standard Studio Double Standard Double Bedroom Economy Single Bedroom Economy Double Bedroom Economy Triple Bedroom
10 Coventry $3,240* $2,645 $2,068* $2,240
780 Columbus  $3,240*  $2,645  $2,240
The Fairwoods (319 Huntington) $2,068* $2,430  $1,938
407 Huntington $3,240* $2,240 $2,430 $1,938
Rubenstein  $2,068* $2,240 $2,430 $1,938  $1,678
335 Huntington (Law only)  $4,860*  $3,400
331 Huntington (Grad only)  $3,240* $2,430
309 Huntington (Grad Only) $2,430
311 Huntington (Grad Only)  $3,240* $2,430
315 Huntington (Grad Only)  $3,240* $2,430

*Standard studios and 768 Columbus do not have living rooms.

Summer I 2016

Upperclassmen Summer I Housing Application and Selection Process SEE HERE.

Summer I Move-in/out SEE HERE.

Summer II 2016

Summer II Housing Application and Selection Process SEE HERE.

Summer II Move-in/out SEE HERE. **

**Please note: There is no consolidation housing offered between the end of Summer II 2016 (August 23rd) and September 1st unless you are staying on campus for Fall 2016. If you are moving off campus at the end of Summer II, you must make the appropriate arrangements and secure your own space off campus at the start of August 1 (where you will qualify for proration) or by the final date of Summer housing on August 23rd. There are no exceptions as our Fall 2016 move-in cycle begins promptly after Summer II

What if I need an Air Conditioner Rental?

AC rental forms are now posted for students in buildings that can accommodate air conditioners. The from can be found on your Housing On-line under 'Forms/Requests'.

Full Summer: $325      Half Summer: $265

Compatible Buildings
Rubenstein 339 Huntington
309 Huntington 335 Huntington
311 Huntington 407 Huntington
319 Huntington White Hall
315 Huntington
  • Air conditioners are NOT available in rooms where the only window is a Fire Escape.

What If I am going on a dialogue Summer i?

Consolidation Housing is for you! Programs that leave a few weeks into summer session will be given a consolidated housing option for their short summer stay.

WHAT IF I AM a non-northeastern Student?

If you are looking for Conference and Event housing SEE HERE.

If you are looking for Summer Intern Housing SEE HERE.