Residential Life

Residential Life

Residential Life consists of a team of full-time professional staff, graduate students and undergraduate student leaders who have dedicated themselves to our departmental mission and acting in accordance with our values. Click here to learn more about the individual members of our team.




Residential Life strives to create a safe and inclusive residential environment which develops and supports opportunities for intellectual and social development and prepares students to become purposeful contributors to our global society.


To be the global leader in the development of living learning environments that translates all learning into purposeful action.


  • Community Development: Residential Life will create an environment where students are actively involved and demonstrate concern and respect for those within their community.
  • Academic Engagement: Residential Life will provide an environment that fosters dialogue and learning outside the classroom and encourages students in their academic endeavors.
  • Inclusion: Residential Life will provide an environment that challenges students to acknowledge and overcome their assumptions in the pursuit of mutual respect for members of differing cultures, life experience and beliefs.
  • Citizenship: Residential Life will support the growth and development of respectful and responsible global citizens.
  • Experiential Learning: Residential Life will assist students in the process of applying direct experience to their learning.