Political Engagement in Urban Society LLC

If you're interested in getting to know your local and national community, and immersing yourself in a little dialogue and debate in your residence hall, then this is the LLC for you! Living in the Political Engagement in the Urban Society LLC will challenge you to examine the misfortune of underrepresented groups in urban areas, contemplate reform options and explore how you can make a difference. You will also have the opportunity to look at invisible divisions that plague American cities and discuss possible solutions to build a more cohesive community. As part of this exploration, you will be encouraged to participate in student government, Hall Council and community activist groups.


"Professor Barry Bluestone is not only a very interesting person, but he really loves to share his knowledge with others. His open classrooms are a great idea that always have a very interesting and pertain to today's world topic."
- Danny Whalen, Political engagement in urban society resident

 Community Events Include:
  • Open Classroom: 21st Century Challenges to our Conception of Government
  • Dinner with Dr. Barry Bluestone
  • Trip to JFK Museum
  • The Wire: TV Show or Reality?
  • Hot Topic Debate Series
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