Poster Policy

Posters hung up in Residential Halls without the approval stamp will be removed. For information on how to hang posters in Curry or submit to the TV Screens, see here.

Event/Organization Posters in the Residence Halls

In order to have posters approved, stamped, and distributed in Residence Halls, a total of 35 posters/flyers may be dropped at Housing & Residential Life Customer Service at 4 Speare Commons. Once approved the posters will be distributed to Hall Staff to be posted.

Any advertisement must adhere to the following standards:

  • Advertise a CSI recognized Student Group or a Northeastern University Department
  • Have a Northeastern University recognized email address ( or or Gmail addresses are approved as long as they are the same as what appears on your orgsync profile.
  • Cannot advertise for an event occurring off of the Northeastern University campus without the approval of CSI
  • Must have a Date, Time, and Location 
  • Cannot have pull tabs
  • If your event is paid for by the Student Activity Fee your poster must include the logo indicating this.
  • No foul or obscene language or images (Must adhere to the Code of Student Conduct – consult the Student Handbook)