Perishable Package Deliveries

March 17: We will not be accepting Perishable packages until further notice


Looking to send or receive flowers, bakery goods, fruit arrangement, etc.?

A perishable packages cannot be sent through ResMail or be delivered directly to Residence halls. If you would like to send a perishable package to a student living in University Housing:

  • Package should be addressed to the student using their FULL name to 4 Speare Place Boston, MA 02115; this will direct delivery to the Housing Services front desk in Speare Commons
  • Include the student's cellphone number on the order, and if possible schedule a morning delivery as packages can only be accepted and picked up 8:30 to 5:00.
  • Once the package has been delivered to us, we will contact the student by phone and email, then instruct them to pick up the package in Speare Commons
  • The student will be required to show their Husky Card upon pick up
  •  We cannot accept packages for students who do not live in University Housing

Housing & Residential Life does not have the ability to preserve perishable packages during the day nor the ability to store them overnight. We will notify the recipient as soon as we receive it. All packages need to be picked up before the close of business on the day it was received.

IMPORTANT: Grocery deliveries are not considered “packages” and cannot be accepted at the Office of Housing and Residential Life. It is recommended that you choose a delivery service that offers “attended delivery” where you must be present during the scheduled delivery time and coordinate the drop-off details in accordance with university policies.