Explore. Discover. Revolutionize. In the inNUvate LLC you will be challenged to expand your academic horizons and will become part of the cutting edge world of sciences. Whether it is through the world of biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, or other science disciplines, this LLC will encourage you to explore your passions. Academic support, faculty interactions, co-op and research panels, and your own inspiring application of knowledge, are all part of the inNUvate experience. In collaboration with the College of Science, you will be afforded the unique opportunity to learn from peers in other fields of study, and together, you will become more informed members of the science community.

Community Events Include:
  • InNUvations Dinner Series--discuss scientific break-throughs with faculty members!
  • Research 101: How to Get Involved!
  • Trip to the Museum of Science
  • Physics of Rollercoasters
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