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At Northeastern, University Honors students embark on a self-directed educational journey along with a very talented group of peers who also possess an insatiable appetite for learning, a boundless imagination, and the aspiration to meet the most significant challenges confronting our world. Student-directed learning is at the core of the Honors experience and this experience is exemplified through our Honors LLCs. A truly student self-directed initiative, the themes of each of the LLCs we are offering in Fall 2020 come directly from the creative input of incoming Honors students.

Students in each LLC will create their own learning agenda for the year. They will plan and direct the activities they would collectively like to engage in order to explore their selected LLC themes. Each community will receive a budget to enable them to carry out their learning agenda.

Students will receive support in creating and carrying out their learning agendas by various members of the University Honors community.

Below are the themes of the Honors LLCs that incoming Honors students recommended that we offer in Fall 2020. All incoming students will be able to rank order their top three choices and students’ assignments to Honors LLCs will be made on the basis of these rankings.  LLC themes that receive low rankings from students may not be offered.


We are living in times where automation has become a norm within our society. This LLC will explore the rise of AI and how Robots are becoming a part of our everyday lives. This LLC will discuss the AI and Robotics benefits and contributions to society, and grapple with ways that AI and Robotics can continue to modify how we interact and engage with each other. If you enjoy conversations like these, and letting your imagination roam freely, this LLC might be for you.

Are you a sports fanatic? Do you enjoy being active but also learning about the unique analytics that inform today’s sports world? Students in this LLC will push each other to remain actively competitive while they learn about how the scientific study of analytics is informing both human performance trends and the media’s reporting of sports results. If you enjoy athletics and analytics, this LLC might be for you.

Discover effective ways to become agents of social change through a community organizing lens. Study the history of community organizing, consult with local agents of change, and learn to practice effective advocacy for others at Northeastern, around Boston, and maybe even globally. Students in the LLC can design and teach their own inclusivity workshops for other students or create their own community organizing initiatives.

If you love the arts, you’ve come to the right place: Boston. This community will keep you connected to the arts, help you explore the culture in Boston, and meet other arts and culture lovers. Whether you are seeking a career in the arts, a STEM student wanting to keep a passion alive, or anything in between-- this community is for you.

For those who are passionate for assisting and advocating for others, the Community Service LLC will provide you and your peers the opportunity to have an immediate impact while you explore the greater Boston community and learn about its neighborhoods and support systems. Students in this LLC are likely to confront the historical inequalities that still exist in some of Boston’s communities and will come together to plan strategies for meeting the needs of the underserved.

Boston is a global hub attracting students and community members from all over the world. Immerse yourself in the many rich cultural fabrics that comprise Boston as you explore topics of diversity, inclusion, and cultural practices and traditions. Students in this LLC will learn how aspects of their own identities—and those around them-- can lead to an appreciation of many cultures and communities they may not have previously known about. Students in this LLC will participate in, and possibly host, a variety of cultural events and discussions, learning from local figures in Boston who represent many dimensions of cultural expression.

If you consider yourself a “foodie,” like to try new things, or think that the keys to a great time are good friends and delicious food, then this is the community for you. Uncover your inner-foodie by cooking and sharing various cuisines found throughout Boston -- while learning about the foods we eat from nutritional, social and cultural perspectives. To culminate the experience, students in this LLC may develop a cookbook filled with recipes from throughout the year.

If your “book” shelf is filled with board games or you enjoy de-stressing through video games, then this community is for you. Find peers who can teach you new games, learn from you, and use the world of gaming to become proficient problem solvers and/or game designers. Students in the Gaming LLC could work together to design their own game.

Do you ever wonder how services such as public transportation, child care, food assistance, and housing will evolve as society and environmental concerns continue to demand more from its citizens. This LLC might be for you as students will debate, explore and create evidence-based solutions for seemingly intractable problems (like food insecurity, homelessness) that will help the Northeastern community and others design the most workable and livable cities of the future.

How do you design healthy cities-- cities that promote health and well-being for all of its citizens? Boston is a hub for some of the best hospitals in the world -- yet, some of our citizens lack access to the things they need to lead healthy lives. Never has this been so apparent as now, as we manage the challenges of a pandemic. How might you assist in advocating for local health improvements and advancement to better support a city and its members? If you’re considering a career in the health professions or healthcare policy, this LLC might be for you.

Leadership opportunities are a big part of anyone’s Northeastern experience, but if you want to delve more into leadership skills and leadership development as a first-year student, this LLC is for you. Students in this LLC may come together and develop a leadership training experience for emerging student leaders on campus.

Boston has a lot to offer music lovers. From concert venues to the Boston Symphony Orchestra and more, anyone who appreciates music can find their niche here. If your passion lies more with making music, join this LLC to find other friends to jam with and create your own musical experience for others to enjoy.

This is your ideal LLC if you want to meet the challenge of exploring the outdoors while living in a city.  This community can take long hikes, kayak, or hit the ski slopes during weekend excursions. Students can learn and teach others about what goes into the development and upkeep of urban parks on the Emerald Necklace Boston and venture outside the city to experience nature.

Do you have a passion for traveling? In this LLC, take advantage of Northeastern’s generous opportunities to explore the world or plan personal travel adventures with other lovers of locale inquiry and culture. Students will also explore critical global issues by blending perspectives from popular culture, historical contexts and current events.

In this LLC, students will assume roles as innovators, scientists, developers, and designers to create practical solutions to the world’s challenges. Dream BIG and bring your creative ideas to life using technology. How might your future be impacted by AI advancements? How will your generation work alongside this societal change? This LLC can explore those topics and present their ideas to their community.  

Establish a healthy mind, body, and spirit as you embrace the values of holistic health and wellness. Create experiences in this LLC that will help you explore dimensions of wellness, including social, occupational, physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual well-being. Students in this LLC might develop a wellness plan for other first-year students filled with evidence-based recommendations on the facets of wellness that are important as one adjusts to college.