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Home to Honors Living Learning Communities (LLCs), East Village and Hastings Hall house first-year Honors students as well as a limited number of upperclass Honors students.

At Northeastern, University Honors students embark on a self-directed educational journey along with a very talented group of peers who also possess an insatiable appetite for learning, a boundless imagination, and the aspiration to meet the most significant challenges confronting our world. Student-directed learning is at the core of the Honors experience and this experience is exemplified through our Honors LLCs. A truly student self-directed initiative, the themes of each of the LLCs we are offering in Fall 2017 come directly from the creative input of incoming Honors students.

Students in each LLC will create their own learning agenda for the year. They will plan and direct the activities they would collectively like to engage in order to explore their selected LLC themes. Each community will receive a budget to enable them to carry out their learning agenda.

Students will receive support in creating and carrying out their learning agendas by various members of the University Honors community.

First, two Honors Faculty-in-Residence will live in the Honors community at East Village. These faculty members will play an active role in supporting Honors Living Learning Communities (LLCs), provide educational programming, and informally interact with students on a daily basis.

Second, Honors Living Learning Assistants (HLLA’s), a set of upper class Honors students, will also live in East Village to enrich and support the student-directed programming of each Honors LLCs.

Further, Honors advisors, faculty, staff and alumni will also provide ongoing support and contribute to the learning occurring in each LLC.

Below are the themes of the Honors LLCs that incoming Honors students recommended that we offer in Fall 2017. All incoming students will be able to rank order their top three choices and students’ assignments to Honors LLCs will be made on the basis of these rankings.  LLC themes that receive low rankings from students may not be offered.


This LLC is for students who have a passion for animals, big or small, and are interested in learning what they need to know in order to effectively promote animal well-being on the local, national, and/or global fronts. In addition to learning about issues related to the health and well-being of animals, and the value of animals as companions, students may elect to volunteer, lobby, or fundraise to help support and raise awareness of animal welfare issues.
This LLC is for those with a vested interest in creative expression. Take the initiative and design lasting masterpieces with your peers and experience a wide range of arts-related programming on and off campus. Connect with local artists by participating in art walks in the SOWA district or Open Studio events held in local Boston neighborhoods.
If you have a passion for making, watching, critiquing, and discussing television or films, then this LLC is for you! Select films and shows to watch, create original works with your peers, or head into the city to attend events like the Boston Independent Film Festival. Learn behind the scenes techniques as you consult with film experts and videographers or just appreciate the artistry of cinema.
This community is ideal for you if you want to explore your passion for creative writing and read ground-breaking literature. This could be an outstanding opportunity to reflect upon your own life experiences and write your own story, or write about the experiences of others. Share your writing, and learn to exchange constructive feedback, with supportive peers and published authors.
Discover effective ways to become agents of social change and social justice to ensure equal rights for all. Study the history of community organizing, consult with local agents of change, and learn to practice effective advocacy for others at Northeastern, around Boston, and anywhere you go.
The Explore Boston LLC will give you and your peers the opportunity to learn about the vibrant communities—and their history— surrounding Northeastern. Students will learn about Boston culture through participating in local events, excursions, community service projects, and professional networking.
This LLC is designed for domestic and international students interested in learning more about world cultures. In addition to strengthening your language proficiencies, you will explore critical global issues by blending perspectives from popular culture, historical contexts and current events.
Learn new games, teach old ones, or create your own with others who are also interested in gaming. This LLC provides an environment where students become proficient problem solvers and game designers, developing new knowledge and skills in diverse areas such as computer science, logic, and information technology.
Establish a healthy mind, body and spirit as you embrace the values of holistic health and wellness. Create experiences that will help you explore dimensions of wellness, including social, occupational, physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual well-being.
This community is for you if you love to perform, create, watch or listen to music and dance. Students living in this community may choose to learn about the performing arts – and the Boston arts scene, by attending or creating musical performances or dance productions on and off campus.
If you consider yourself a “foodie,” like to try new things, or think that the keys to a great time are good friends and delicious food, then this is the community for you. Uncover your inner-foodie in Boston through cooking and eating various cuisines while learning more about the foods we eat from nutritional, social and cultural perspectives.
This is your ideal LLC if you want to meet the challenge of exploring the outdoors while living in a city, and while learning about the implications of physical exercise for health and well-being. Your LLC can plan various excursions—near and far to Boston—and while you enjoy building your athletic and outdoor skills, you’ll be learning what fitness can mean for promoting the well-being of individuals and communities. Select "Outdoor Adv. & Athletics" on your housing application.
The development of authentic friendships are important hallmarks of a healthy, productive and satisfying life. Explore the science behind successful relationships while you develop your own friendships with an intellectually and socially engaging group of peers in this LLC. Select "Science & Power of Friends" on your housing application.
Students in this LLC are united by their vision for a cleaner, healthier, and more equitable future for our planet and together will explore their mutual interests in and their commitment to sustainable living. LLC members will focus on learning about the impact that we have on the world around us, as well as the ways that we can increase our positive impact and promote sustainability.
Here, students will assume roles as innovators, scientists, developers, and designers to create practical solutions to the world’s challenges. Dream BIG and bring your ideas to life using creativity and innovation. Select "Tech Innov & Creativity" on your housing application.