Hall Cup

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The Hall Cup is an annual year-long competition between the seven first-year student residential communities on campus. The purpose of the competition is to help students develop an affinity with the university and their residential community while also helping them through some important developmental stages during the first year. Students from each residential complex compete throughout the year via ongoing competitions and larger annual events including, but not limited to:


Hall Cup Events

The seven residential complexes have been arranged into a standalone league where they will compete in a variety of team sports leagues as well as standalone athletic events.

Throughout the year there will be numerous events for students to attend and compete in to support their residential community. Some of these events include Fresh Check Day, Late Night Breakfast, and Faculty Appreciation.

There are several athletics events designated as "Hall Cup Nights" where we encourage all residential students to attend. These tend to be televised games, and during commercial breaks, mini competitions are held where the residential communities can compete against one another.

In order to partner more intentionally with already existing leadership and community development opportunities, we collaborate throughout the year with the Resident Student Association, National Residence Hall Honorary, and the complex specific Hall Councils to sponsor events and co-program for the Hall Cup.