Global Visions LLC

If you are interested in a career in the field of business, the Global Visions (D'Amore-McKim School of Business) LLCs are the place for you!  We have three amazing opportunities where you can gain access to faculty, student co-op panels, and extensive programming targeted to business-minded students! Take a look at our business tracks and pick the path that suits you best.

Corporate Explorers:

If you know business is in your future, but are unsure of your exact path, Corporate Explorers might be the LLC for you. Students will gain the opportunity to learn about career options in the field of business prior to committing to their concentration. Programming in this community focuses on self‐discovery, professional development and connecting students to co-ops and faculty members. Events include concentrations panels, faculty dinners, and collaboration with Northeastern's Career Development office. Join Corporate Explorers and find your niche in the business world.

International Business:

To be a leader in the international business field, one needs business savvy and cultural competency—the two focuses of this community. Students will learn about international business trends, the effect of global markets, and the etiquette needed to conduct business abroad. Programming in this community will focus on promoting cultural exchange, fostering collaboration, and emphasizing the importance of global connections in the business world. Students will work closely with faculty in the D'Amore-McKim School of Business and will have close connection with the Office of Global Services (OGS). This dynamic program will strengthen students' academic experience and develop their global citizenship.

Women in Business:

If you are looking to connect with enterprising women that share your interest in business, the Women in Business LLC is for you. In this community for both women and allies, you will have the opportunity to help plan and organize a variety of interesting events and activities for women, such as: managing office politics, networking events with top level executives, a student led co-op panel, as well as a self-defense demonstration. Programming in this community will focus on promoting equity for women in the business world, encouraging inclusivity and providing opportunities for leadership and advancement. Its members are also invited to participate in the Women in Business Club and the Smart Woman Securities organization that focuses on investment education for undergraduates.

Community Events Include:
  • Faculty Dinner Series
  • “5 under 25” event with young alumni
  • What’s Your Concentration Panel
  • Dress to Impress Workshop
  • Monopoly Strategy & the Business World
  • Trips to the Financial District
  • International Business Etiquette Dinner
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