August 27th Move-In

If you are an International Student or you are attending late orientation, August 27th is your Move-in day! 

If you are moving to campus on August 27th, you can find your Moving Guide and parking pass here!

Office of Global Services- OGS Move-in

If you are approved to move-in by OGS, your move-in date is August 27, 2019 from 9am—5pm. You should report directly to your residence hall upon arrival. For more information please contact OGS at or 617-373-2310.

Late Orientation 

If you are attending the Late Orientation starting on August 28th, this is your move in day! You will be moving into your fall room on August 27th. For more information please contact  or click HERE.

If you are not one of these groups and you need to arrive on a different day, please review the early and late arrival request information.

Check-in Hours

The standard check-in hours on August 27th are 9am-5pm at your assigned Residence Hall. 

If you arrive after 5pm, please see the proctor/person who is sitting at the front desk security station. Tell the proctor that you would like to check-in and ask that they page a Resident Assistant for you. Wait at the desk, a Resident Assistant will check you in and allow you to move into your room.

Getting to campus

Directions to Campus

If you are NOT driving to campus or are arriving by taxi or public transit:

You can report directly to your check-in location at your Residence Hall to obtain your move-in materials.

If you are Driving to Campus:

You should proceed directly to your "unloading” location listed below.  Upon arrival you will be able to check out a moving hamper to transport your belongings into your residence hall.  Once you are unloaded, your vehicle must be moved to the Columbus Garage. Please review the chart below to become familiar with your building-specific check-in information.

Unloading Locations by Building

Gainsborough Street via Huntington Avenue

East Village/Hastings Hall- Once you get to the unloading station, moving assistance will be available. At the same time, those who are assisting you will be asked to move your vehicle to Columbus Garage.

Columbus Garage

Davenport A
Davenport B
10 Coventry
780/768 Columbus
Douglass Park

North Lot (97 Saint Stephen Street, Boston, MA)

106/110/116 St. Stephen Street
153 Hemenway
319/337 Huntington (The Fairwoods)
407 Huntington
All West Village Buildings (A,B,C,E,F,G,H)
Burstein Hall
Kennedy Hall
Kerr Hall
Leased Properties (except Douglass Park)
Levine Hall (122 St. Stephen Street)
Light Hall
Loftman Hall
Melvin Hall
Rubenstein Hall
Smith Hall
Speare Hall
Stetson Hall East
Stetson Hall West
White Hall
Willis Hall

INV Curbside (1155 Tremont Street, Roxbury Crossing, MA)

International Village

Please note: Locations are subject to change.

parking information

All Parking on August 27th will be located in Columbus Garage (795 Columbus Avenue, Boston, MA).

You must have a Moving Guide and parking pass here!

Please note: Parking is not guaranteed and is based on a first come first serve basis. Additionally, there is no parking available for oversized vehicles.  Columbus Garage has a clearance of 6'8".

REQUEST An Arrival Date Change

Would you like to change you move-in date?
Click Here for more information.