Engineering LLC

Are you looking for an opportunity to apply your knowledge of math, science and engineering to real world problems and put your ideas into action? Then the College of Engineering LLC is for you! Whether it's through an engineering tour of Boston or engineering competitions in the residence halls, this LLC will provide you with hands-on experience that allows you to apply the skills you've learned in the classroom to real life. Living in this community will afford you the opportunity to enjoy events customized to various engineering specialties -- including: civil, electrical, mechanical, chemical, and industrial engineering -- and will allow you to connect with faculty on a regular basis. Additionally, weekly tutoring and review sessions are available to assist with your academic course load.


"I have always believed that the true value of living on an LLC is the people that you get to live with. It's the conversations that go on in the common rooms about what type of engineering they are going to choose. It's how you can always go next door to get help with your homework. It's the fact that no matter how different two people on the floor are, they are both facing the same academic challenges."
- Nic Daggett


Community Events Include: 
  • Six Flags Trip: The Physics of Rollercoasters
  • Engineering Tour of Boston
  • Annual COE Scavenger Hunt
  • Engineering-Design Competitions
  • Weekly Tutoring Sessions
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