Diversity & Inclusion

Widely Diverse and Community Driven

Diversity is a complex word. At Northeastern we acknowledge diversity by accepting mind over body. Being a part of Northeastern’s campus life means living amongst one of the most diverse communities in the city. As a student you will naturally become absorbed by cultures from around the world, living and learning next to peers who have traveled from far and wide.

Our Vision of Diversity

The Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion aspires to distinguish itself as a model of excellence and innovation by developing the fluency necessary for our community to reject discrimination, while learning and growing in a diverse, global society.

This office also promotes the University’s commitment to equal opportunity, affirmative action, diversity and social justice while building a climate of inclusion on and off campus.

Our mission is to provide leadership by cultivating an inclusive environment that denounces discrimination through innovation, collaboration and an awareness of global perspectives on social justice. We also ensure compliance with relevant federal, state and local anti-discrimination laws.

The office works with students, faculty, administrators and staff to manage conflict and resolve complaints of discrimination and harassment. We develop programs and policies, build outreach to external organizations and provide services to students, faculty, staff and the community.

The office advises and assists the president, senior administrators and the campus community with implementing leadership strategies that advance diversity and contribute to the University’s aspirations.

Key principles that guide the office’s mission are innovation, collaboration, commitment to excellence and equality for all.

cultural inclusion

At Northeastern we are proud to call ourselves a global university, full of diverse cultures, religions and ideologies. If you believe students have the power to make the world a better place, the Cultural Inclusion LLC is your new home! This LLC is a community of open-minded, progressive students who are interested in exploring who they are, learning from each other and celebrating diverse perspectives. By joining this LLC, you will gain a deeper understanding of both your own culture and that of those around you. You will collaborate with your fellow students to discover, inform and applaud the differences and similarities of race, culture, gender and sexual orientation. Fostering a greater cultural awareness, you will seek to embrace the diversity of the Northeastern population and strive to create a more inclusive residential experience.

Through programs like international pop music night and cultural excursions around Boston, students in this community become more globally minded citizens. This enriching experience makes students more comfortable with world travel and prepares them to study abroad and participate in Dialogue of Civilizations and international co-ops. Students will also be encouraged to attend programs at the Social Justice Resource Center throughout the year to enhance their experience, as well as the cultural centers on campus. 

  • Passport to the World
  • Healthy Me, Healthy You with Professor Wamai
  • International Game Night
  • International Pop Music Night
  • United Nations Trip
  • PRIDE Week
  • Great Black Music, Great Black Musicians Series
  • Food Justice Documentary Series
  • “It Gets Better” @ Northeastern University
  • UNITE Retreat
  • Safe Zones training
  • Intergroup Dialogue training
  • Community Activism


Visit the webpage for Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion by clicking here.