Davenport Commons A & B

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This 6-story complex is located at 700 (Davenport A) and 696 (Davenport B) Columbus Avenue, right across the street from Carter Park and the Northeastern University Parking Garage.

Move-in Fall 2021

Davenport Commons A and B Move in will take place:

  • Saturday, September 4th 8:30am-6:00pm
  • Sunday, September 5th 8:30am-6:00pm

As you review your travel plans in the upcoming weeks, it is imperative that you arrive during your scheduled move-in date and time.

What to Bring

To make the move-in experience as smooth as possible for you and our entire community, we ask that you bring only your essentials and a few personal touches to campus. Your belongings should fit in one 4’x3’x3’ hamper or be able to be carried in one trip. 

Please refer to our list of What to Bring to best prepare for your arrival.

Shipping and Mailing

Shipping items to pre-arrive to your room is available through a preferred vendor, and the deadlines are in mid-August. Additional information about shipping items to campus mailrooms will be sent in late-August; however, you should anticipate delays in processing and wait times for pick-up. Due to the rush of package deliveries during move-in, you should expect processing delays, and plan that you should not ship any essential items such as bedding, medicine, or toiletries that you will need during your first several days in housing.

Parking and Driving Directions 

Davenport Commons A and B Arrival Directions pdf.

Unloading Location: Davenport Curbside --> Parking Location: Columbus Garage --> Check-In Location: Davenport Lobbies

  1. If you are arriving by car to campus you will first need to proceed to your Unloading Location at Davenport Curbside. Please use this link as a location for driving directions.
  2. At Davenport Curbside, you will unload your belongings from the car into your one moving hamper. Move support will be present in the lot to aid with unloading, and you will need to leave a Government Issued ID in exchange for your hamper.
  3. Should you require a place to park after unloading, the driver of your vehicle will be able to park with your parking pass in Columbus Garage. Please use this link as a location for driving directions. To enter Columbus garage, the driver can take a ticket at entry, and will need to present the day specific parking pass and scan code at exit. Links to the day specific parking passes and codes can be found below. There will be no oversized, over height, or overnight parking. 
  4. While your vehicle is being parked, you can proceed with your hamper to your check-in location, Davenport A Lobby for Davenport A Residents and Davenport B Lobby for Davenport B Residents, to check in with Residential Life Staff. If you are driving yourself, the move support will hold your hamper until your return after parking.
  5. After checking in, proceed to your assigned residence hall room, unload your hamper, and then return your hamper to Davenport Curbside.
  6. Throughout the move-in process, students will be permitted no more than two guests to assist with bringing belongings into your room, and your guests are asked to stay no longer than 2 hours. Please note, masks will be required for all fully vaccinated and unvaccinated students, faculty, staff, visitors, and vendors indoors. Outside of official Fall move-in days/times (8/29-9/5 8:30am-6pm), the guest policy will revert to only Northeastern students as guests, and only 3 at a time.
  7. In accordance with the current COVID-19 guidelines, all students, regardless of vaccination status, will need to be tested within 24 hours of their arrival and on a weekly basis thereafter. All students will need to schedule a test through the COVID-19 Test Scheduler Please note: the testing center does not take walk-in appointments. You will not be allowed to enter the testing center without a proof of your appointment time. This can be provided either by using a mobile device or by a print out from the COVID-19 Test Scheduler.

Parking Codes/Pass by Day:

Moving Hampers

You will be able to check out a moving hamper to assist you. You will need to provide a government issued photo identification in order to check out a hamper (i.e. driver’s license or passport). Please be considerate of others and return your moving hamper as soon as possible. Only one hamper will be permitted per student, so that all students have access to that support. 

Please report to your unload location to access the scheduled support services, including hampers. 

Please return your moving hamper immediately following unloading.  If you return your moving hamper after the check-out station has closed, you will need bring the hamper to the Residential Safety Office, located in the upper lobby of Speare Hall where you will retrieve your photo identification.

Please note: moving hampers and support will only be available on scheduled move-in days.

  • I have read what to bring and have packed to bring only the essentials to campus this fall.
  • I have printed my move-in parking pass and directions for my correct move in day.
  • I have read and submitted the university’s required Expectations for Return to Campus Attestation formas a prerequisite to returning to campus.
  • I have completed the Daily Wellness Check prior to coming to campus, or leaving your residence hall, each day. The tool will indicate whether you are cleared to come to campus, whether you should stay home, and provide next steps if you report symptoms of COVID-19. Please bookmark the page for daily use.
  • I have scheduled my move in day test through the COVID-19 Test Scheduler Please note: the testing center does not take walk-in appointments, so you will need to schedule your testing time to mirror your move in time. You will not be allowed to enter the testing center without a proof of your appointment time. This can be provided either by using a mobile device or by a print out from the COVID-19 Test Scheduler.

For your testing:

  • I have reviewed and complete the Informed Consent to Campus COVID-19 Screening form 
  • I have the appointment confirmation page ready on my mobile device when arriving at the testing center.  
  • I have the completed the Daily Wellness Checkand be sure to know how to show the result page on your mobile device so you can show the staff to enter the testing center.   
  • I know my nine-digit Northeastern University ID identification number and have it visible on your Daily Wellness Check screen  

Building Details

Apartment Types: 3-, 4-, 5-, and 6-person apartments; majority of apartments are 5- or 6-person

Bedroom Types & Rates:

Enhanced single bedrooms
Enhanced double bedrooms

Security: Proctor coverage or secured entryways 24 hours per day

Connections: Husky Cable, and ResNet, Landline available through Verizon

Lounges: Davenport A: TV, pool table, and nearby study lounge Davenport B: TV, pool table, and foosball table

Enhanced apartments: Include bedroom(s), kitchenette, bathroom, and common living area

Standard apartments: None

Economy apartments: None

Laundry facilities: Yes

Vending machines: Yes

Elevator: Yes

Window shades: Yes

Furniture provided: Bed, desk and chair, dresser, and closet for each resident; dining table and chairs, living room furniture, carpeting, and divided bathroom with a door separating the shower and toilet from the sink and mirror.

Kitchen appliances: Refrigerator, oven, stove, dishwasher, garbage disposal

Additional amenities: Central air conditioning (not activated during anticipated cold weather), dishwashers, garbage disposals, full and half baths in 5-person apartments, and lounges with dry-erase boards.

Mailing Address through ResMail:

Davenport A:

Davenport B:

The following images are here to represent examples of the room types in the above mentioned building. They are in no way the only room types present in the building, and are not architectural drawings.


Davenport 5-person Davenport 6-person Davenport Quad Apt
Area Coordinator for Davenport A: Davenport A #116
Office Hours: 10am – 5pm
Phone: (617) 373-2057
Resident Assistant Staff Office: Davenport A #115
Office Hours: 7pm – 11pm
Phone: (617) 373-2790


Area Coordinator for Davenport B Office: Davenport Commons B #121
Office Hours: 10am – 5pm
Phone: (617) 373-5725
Resident Assistant Staff Office: Davenport Commons B #103
Office Hours: 7pm – 11pm
Phone: (617) 373-5489