Connections LLC

Get Connected! First-year female students who are interested in Engineering will find a supportive and academically challenging home in this community. Students will not only receive all of the academic and social support that their male counterparts receive, but will also develop support networks and mentorships in their field. In heavily male-dominated fields, these women leaders will begin to build support networks for their time at Northeastern and beyond!


"My RA is a chemical engineer, and so am I, so she tutors me. My RA is awesome. All the girls on the floor have the same classes and assignments so we help each other out. "
- Jamie Snopkowski, 2013


Community Events Include: 
  • Six Flags Trip: The Physics of Rollercoasters
  • Engineering Tour of Boston
  • Annual COE Scavenger Hunt
  • Engineering Building Competitions
  • Weekly Tutoring Sessions
  • Women in Engineering Day!
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