Khoury College of Computer Sciences

The Khoury College of Computer Sciences is a Living Learning Community founded on hard drives, programming, and C++ Scripts. Beyond the basics of Computer Sciences, this community offers students an academically supportive environment while providing endless opportunity for socializing, connecting, and building a strong network for a successful first year at Northeastern University. Join our LLC and integrate your love for Computer Sciences into real world applications, all while working with faculty and staff on the cutting edge of game design and CCIS.


 "My RA has the exact same major that I do. We are both Computer Science and Mathematics duals, so any classes I have questions with, I can always ask him. In terms of the entire floor, we all have the same classes, so we are all going through similar things. Our common room is always in use and our floor is very social. We have a good time, and we like to work together since it is encouraged."
- Mike May, 2013



Community Events Include:
  • Dinner with the Dean
  • Evolution of Gaming
  • Art of Artificial Intelligence
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