College of Computer & Information Science (CCIS) LLC

The College of Computer & Information Science (CCIS) LLC is focused on creating a community built outside of hard drives, programming and C++ scripts. Combining computer science with real world applications, students in this LLC will explore the history and modern advances in computer technology. If you are interested in exploring how these innovations have changed the world, this may be the LLC for you! Students in this community will engage with faculty who are on the cutting edge of game design, will learn about innovative careers in the field of computer science and live in a socially supportive environment.


 "My RA has the exact same major that I do. We are both Computer Science and Mathematics duals, so any classes I have questions with, I can always ask him. In terms of the entire floor, we all have the same classes, so we are all going through similar things. Our common room is always in use and our floor is very social. We have a good time, and we like to work together since it is encouraged."
- Mike May, 2013


Community Events Include:
  • Computer Programmer Teaching Experience
  • Future Teachers Seminar: what you need to know for the future classes
  • HTML/JavaScript Training Program
  • RoboWars Online Competition
  • PAX Boston
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