Co-op & Study Abroad

Learn and Work Around the World

We mix classroom learning with full-time, professional experiences so that each student leaves Northeastern with an already established skill set, immediately qualifying them for their professional career after graduation.

Co-Op Housing Options

Students are able to live in university housing throughout their co-op experience. Second year students are required to live in university housing if their co-op is in the Boston area. Upperclass students must apply for housing appropriately if they wish to live in university housing during their co-op in Boston.

Co-op Connections offers a limited amount of housing options for those students who secure a co-op in Chicago, New York City, Seattle, and Washington DC. To learn more about the Beyond Boston program, click here.

Are you thinking about Going on co-op
20+ miles outside of the Boston area
and you currently have a housing assignment?

If you are unsure if you are going on coop outside of Boston or study abroad in Spring, we advise you to pay the Spring housing deposit and cancel if needed. If you do end up being 20+ miles outside of Boston, you will be permitted to cancel your housing without penalty; however, written verification from your coop/academic adviser is required. After we receive written verification from your coop/academic adviser, we will refund your deposit. Please e-mail to request to cancel with your NUID number.

For example, let's say that you have a Spring room assignment. In November, you accept a co-op position for January - June in Springfield, MA. As long you have written verification of your co-op (such as having your coop adviser email, you can cancel your Spring housing assignment without penalty. Remember, cancelling requires two steps:

  1. E-mail to request to cancel with your NUID number.
  2. Request that your coop/academic advisor e-mails us written verification of your coop