153 Hemenway Street

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153 Hemenway is 4-stories tall and is one of two suite style residence halls, 153 Hemenway faces Hemenway Street and offers clusters of suites, some with small living rooms.

Building Details 

Bedroom Types:

Standard double bedrooms
Economy double bedrooms
Economy triple bedrooms
Economy quad bedrooms

Security: Proctor coverage or secured entryways 24 hours per day

Connections: Husky Cable, and ResNet, Landline available through Verizon

Lounges: Lounge/study area is located on the lower level: 2 study lounges, 1 multimedia lounge.

Laundry facilities: Yes

Vending machines: On lower level

Elevator: No

Window shades: Yes

Furniture provided: Bed, desk and chair, dresser, closet space for each resident. Bedrooms are carpeted.

Mailing Address through ResMail:

The following images are here to represent examples of the room types in the above mentioned building. They are in no way the only room types present in the building, and are not architectural drawings.

Residence Director Office: Loftman Hall #125
Office Hours: 10am-5pm
Phone: (617) 373-7826
Resident Assistant Staff Office: 153 Hemenway 1st Floor #126
Office Hours: 7pm-9pm
Phone: (617) 373-3515

Resident Assistant Staff Office: Melvin, 1st Floor #101
Office Hours: 9pm-11pm
Phone: (617) 373-8152