144 Hemenway St

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144 Hemenway is located on Hemenway street. This 4-story apartment style facility offers standard style apartments and is conveniently located close to all the action.

Building Details 

Apartment Types: 4-person apartments

Bedroom Types:      

Standard double bedrooms
Standard single bedrooms

Security: Secured entryways 24 hours a day

Connections: Husky Cable, and ResNet, Landline available through Verizon

Lounges: None

Standard apartments: Include bedroom(s), bathroom, kitchenette, and common living area

Mail delivery: ResMail

Laundry facilities: Yes

Vending machines: None

Elevator: No

Window shades: Yes

Furniture provided: Bed, desk, and chair, and dresser foreach resident; dining table and chairs, and living room furniture (standard apartments only)


Residence Director Office: Loftman Hall #125
Office Hours: 10am – 5pm
Phone: (617) 373-7826
Resident Assistant Staff Office: 153 Hemenway 1st Floor #126
Office Hours: 7pm-9pm
Phone: (617) 373-3515


Resident Assistant Staff Office: Melvin Hall, 1st Floor #101
Office Hours: 9pm-11pm
Phone: (617) 373-8152