Tips and Tricks

Archive early and often
Your e-Portfolio can be a living and evolving document, but you can only make it meaningful if you have a robust collection of potential content. To do so, it is important to begin saving your work right at the beginning of your undergraduate experience. The more you save and the greater variety of materials you collect, the more accurate representation of your undergraduate Honors career at Northeastern you will be able to create.To avoid losing work in a personal computer failure, we recommend keeping an archive in your personal MyFiles space, accessible through your MyNEU portal. Each student is allotted 5GB of external storage. To access your MyFile account, simply log into MyNEU and click “my files” in the top navigation.

Your e-Portfolio is meant to be interactive and shared. Consider brainstorming and asking for feedback from those around you — faculty, advisers, peers, friends. Don’t forget that your peers are also creating e-Portfolios, and you are in many ways one another’s best resources. Take the time to look at your peers’ e-Portfolios and share your own: this will help in your reflections, as well as point you toward new experiences and courses, as well as new and creative ways to document those experiences!

Don’t procrastinate: Annotate!
This e-Portfolio is designed to fuel your thinking as well as to document your undergraduate education, and as such, works best when you can see the process, not just the result. Your undergraduate career will go by very fast, and after a while, it is hard to remember just how you felt when you first discovered your major or that perfect study abroad, how excited (or terrified) you were to start doing research on your own, or how it felt when you got back that first Physics midterm. Taking down some brief notes on your experiences and the artifacts you archive while they’re happening will help you to reflect over time and make your final portfolio reflections richer and more meaningful for you and your audience. So, whenever you save an artifact in your archive, take the time to jot down some notes about why the artifact matters, what it represents about you in the moment, and how it might have changed where you’re heading in the future. The more you write, the more information you’ll have to choose from when compiling your Final Portfolio Statement.

Personalizing the look of your e-Portfolio
Your e-Portfolio is all about you! We encourage you to be creative and original with your space, and to make it a true representation of who you are. The Digication platform allows you to choose different design “themes,” add your own personalized banner, or dig in to the actual css code of the portfolio to create your own personalized design.