Sonu Gandhi

Hometown: Clifton, NJ
Major: Physical Therapy/Psychology
College: Bouvé College of Health Science

What was you favorite Honors class?

My favorite Honors class was the interdisciplinary seminar with Professor James Ross called Art of Narrative Nonfiction. It was completely different from my coursework in Bouve. I did not think I would enjoying taking a literary based class especially one that required me to read “narrative nonfiction” books every other week. However, it was not a class that quizzed me on my ability to comprehend the content or know each fact about the book. Instead, we had discussions in class about whether it was more on the narrative side or nonfiction. From those debates, each of us formulated a definition of what narrative nonfiction meant and what components a piece of writing need to have in order to be categorized as narrative nonfiction.

During your time at Northeastern, what experiences shaped who you are today as a graduating senior?

I would say that Northeastern helps create and develop leaders in any realm or area of interest. For me, it was my Jumpstart experience that helped me become a leader. I began as a corp member trying to serve the community I was going to live in for at least 5 years. I also loved working with kids, so Jumpstart seemed like a perfect fit. Little did I know that I would return as a team leader to help shape and guide the experience of my peers who were corp members. At the end, I learned that I not only made a difference in 24 children’s lives and my peers but also had developed my own leadership style. It gave me the confidence to apply for other leadership roles such as being a Resident Assistant and an Ambassador who spoke on many panels for prospective Northeastern students. That experience shaped the rest of my Northeastern career and the subsequent experiences have shaped my goals for the future.

What is your best memory from being a part of the Honors Program?

My most memorable Honors program experience was being part of the Honors Ambassador Program. I applied with the hope to be more integrated in the program as I was accepted into the Honors Program my second year of college. Instead, I built some amazing friendships, spoke with some Honors students who were hoping to transfer into PT, and participated on panels on welcome days. It was an experience that I returned to each year after I applied. It also helped me develop my leadership, public speaking, and team bonding skills.

Where are you headed after you graduate?

I am graduating with my Bachelors in Rehabilitation Science during my 5th year of a 6 year Doctor of Physical Therapy. Post graduation, I will be completing my three clinical rotations with my first at Furnace Brook Physical Therapy and second at Lemuel Shattuck Hospital. The third is yet to be decided. Upon successful completion, I will graduate with my Doctor of Physical Therapy in May 2018. In the future, I hope to complete my Neurological Clinical Speciality and practice in New Jersey.