Rebecca Dodier

Hometown: Eliot, Maine
Major: Business Administration
College: D'Amore-McKim School of Business

What was you favorite Honors class?

Oh man, 3 Honors Classes I took all tie: Organizational Behavior with Professor Barbara Larson, Art & Architecture Seminar with Professor Amanda Lawrence, and History of Modern Terrorism Seminar with Professor Jeffrey Burds.

The professors made these classes very enjoyable because they are very passionate and know their subjects extremely well. Because of them, these Honors classes  are in my top 5 favorite classes at Northeastern University in general.


During your time at Northeastern, what experiences shaped who you are today as a graduating senior?

First, my dialogue to China with Professor Dong Hua redefined my path because after visiting I no longer wanted to work in China, but I now have a profound appreciation for Chinese culture. Second, completing all 3 of my co-ops outside of Boston with Johnson & Johnson forced me to get out my comfort zone frequently and continue making new friends. Third, my spring break trip to Budapest with my History of Modern Terrorism class because I was nervous to go abroad with students I didn’t know too well yet, but now because of the amazing trip, I am close with all of them.

What is your best memory from being a part of the Honors Program?

The Organizational Behavior course and two seminars were all equally memorable.

Where are you headed after you graduate?

I will be working at Johnson & Johnson in Piscataway, NJ, as a Supply Chain Customer Solutions Analyst.