Nir Shtuhl

Hometown: King of Prussia, PA
Major: Mathematics and Computer Science
College: College of Science

What was you favorite Honors class?

Fundamentals of Computer Science 1 with Amal Ahmed. She’s a great professor – always excited to be teaching and perfect for an intro course. The Honors section also covered a little more material than the other ones. It was difficult, and definitely worth it.

During your time at Northeastern, what experiences shaped who you are today as a graduating senior?

The most valuable experiences I had at Northeastern were my three co-ops; most people don’t get the opportunity to try out three totally different jobs in three years. My co-ops have given me knowledge to direct my career path, experience to feel confident interviewing, and leverage to be comfortable extending my job search until I find one that really excites me.

I also made my friends jealous moving to San Francisco for my second co-op. That was during Boston’s record-setting winter, and I think it rained twice the whole time I was there.

What is your best memory from being a part of the Honors Program?

One of my favorite parts has been going back every year to volunteer for Honors Welcome Week, especially the Ropes Course at Warren Conference Center. It’s the first time all the students are taken out of their comfort zone together, and I really enjoy seeing them rely on each other and build relationships through teamwork. I’ve been back so many times that the staff at the Conference Center recognizes me!

Where are you headed after you graduate?

I’m staying at Northeastern until May 2017 to complete a Master’s in Applied Mathematics and am also currently looking for a data science position at a small company.