Catherine Erdelyi

Hometown: West Babylon, NY
Major: Mathematics & Business Administration with a Concentration in Finance
College: College of Science & D'Amore-McKim School of Business

What was you favorite Honors class?

My favorite Honors class was “Of Two Minds” with Professor John Coley. This course is an interdisciplinary seminar focused on the two different ways our brains work: fast and intuitively vs. slow and deliberately. I had never studied psychology before so the class was a great learning experience for me – not only from the books we read, but also through the discussions we had. The class was made up of a diverse group of Honors students, which allowed me to think in different ways and apply psychology to many disciplines. Even as an analytical person, this class is one that I have taken with me each and every day in the ways that I communicate, react, and make decisions.

During your time at Northeastern, what experiences shaped who you are today as a graduating senior?

My most important experiences at Northeastern have been co-op, Alternative Spring Break, and the Honors Program. Working in three different co-op positions through Northeastern allowed me to experiment with new careers after I changed my major during my second year. At all three co-ops, I was able to learn tremendously about my field, my work, and myself and I brought those experiences with me back to class or to subsequent working experiences. Northeastern’s Alternative Spring Break (ASB) Program allowed me to spend a week in each the Dominican Republic and Ecuador serving local communities in ways I would otherwise never could have gotten involved. They were rewarding experiences where I was also able to expand my knowledge and understanding of culture, language, communication, and emotional intelligence. I met some great friends on the trip to Ecuador, which was through the Honors Program. The Honors Program was a huge part of my Northeastern experience and, by keeping me involved in so many ways, has probably had the greatest impact on who I am now compared to who I was five years ago.

What is your best memory from being a part of the Honors Program?

The most memorable part of the Honors Program for me is the Second-Year Leadership Conference. This overnight retreat to the Warren Conference Center with other second year students was one of my first voluntary experiences with the Honors Program. I didn’t know at the time that it would lead to me meeting some of my best friends at Northeastern. Because of that trip, I stayed involved with the Honors Program as a mentor, senior mentor, ambassador, book club member, ASB participant, and volunteer. The Honors Program is one of the reasons I chose to come to Northeastern and is definitely one of the aspects of Northeastern I will miss the most.

Where are you headed after you graduate?

After graduation, I will be staying in Boston to work at Liberty Mutual Insurance as an Actuarial Trainee in their Actuarial Development Program. This program will allow me to rotate through various departments in the company as I work towards designation as a Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society.