Joining Once You Are Here

Undergraduate students may apply to join the University Honors Program at specific points in their academic careers:

  • All incoming (new to Northeastern) first-year students are automatically reviewed by the Office of Admissions and the University Honors Program. Students are invited to participate in the University Honors Program based on a holistic review of their high school academic record, including achievement on the SAT and/or ACT tests, high school GPA, record of leadership and community service, and any other distinguishing experiences presented in the application to the university.
  • Continuing, matriculated students have the opportunity to apply to the University Honors Program during their first, second, or third semester of study at Northeastern. If selected for admission, students will enter the University Honors Program at the start of the following semester. Application decisions are made at the end of the fall and spring semesters, upon review of the student’s application, faculty letter of recommendation, and grades. Successful candidates will possess a minimum cumulative 3.8 GPA at the conclusion of their applying semester.
    • Matriculated students applying for Spring 2019 entry should submit their application by November 16, 2018.
    • Matriculated students applying for Fall 2019 entry should submit their application by April 8, 2019.
  • Students with junior or senior standing may undertake an Honors in the Discipline project. This is an advanced work of scholarship that is approved and overseen by faculty in the student’s college.  Any student interested in this opportunity should consult their respective college’s website and academic advisor to obtain additional information about the eligibility requirements, proposal process, and general timeline. Students who complete an approved Honors in the Discipline project will be eligible to graduate with Honors distinction in their major (e.g., Honors in Chemistry).
  • Admission into the University Honors Program as a continuing or matriculated student will provide students with access to dedicated Honors courses and learning experiences; opportunities to apply for funding to conduct research and creative endeavors and to present this work at conferences; optional participation in the Honors Alumni Mentoring Network; opportunities to apply for housing in the Honors residence halls; and membership in a vibrant and diverse network of peers who comprise the Honors community.
  • Unfortunately, admission to the University Honors Program as a continuing student will not result in reconsideration for university-sponsored scholarships or financial support. However, newly admitted students into the University Honors Program will be eligible to apply for the Alden-Peabody scholarship in the Spring terms based on financial need and GPA.
  • Northeastern University Faculty may nominate eligible first-year and second-year undergraduate students for consideration. Those nominated students will be contacted by the University Honors Program to encourage their application.