2018-2019 LLCs

Explore Boston: Arts, Theatre and Comedy
Consultants: Allen Feinstein (CAMD) & Jenna Thrash (Honors)
Assistants: Bethlehem Ashagire & Fareeha Naim
In the Explore Boston: Arts, Theatre & Comedy LLC, students will delve into the arts scene in Boston and all it has to offer, from museums to comedy shows and so much more. Be it arts majors or STEM students with an arts passion, students in this LLC will explore the city and community through learning about the arts.

Music Lovers & Art in Motion
Consultant: Francesca Inglese (CAMD) & Brian Robison (CAMD)
Assistants: Fareeha Naim & Juliet Hoinkis
Students in the Music Lovers & Art in Motion LLCs will build a community with the passion of creation and artistic endeavors. Students will visit and reflect upon experiences from concerts to Boston Symphony Orchestra to the Boston Ballet and more, and what they learn about music and dance can be transitioned to those who have a passion for performance and/or creation.

Film Critics
Consultant: Nathan Blake (CSSH)
Assistant: Amanda Murray
Students who view the “now playing” and have seen everything listed can now come together to watch, critique, or create film. In this LLC, students will select films to watch and critique, create original works, or explore the city for film events such as the Boston Independent Film Festival.

Consultant: Barbie Papalios (Honors)
Assistant: Nubia Wilson
This LLC is made up of students with a huge passion for travel and the global experience. Students will come together to discuss previous global adventures, take advantage of global opportunities at Northeastern, and plan personal travel. Together, students will learn from their experiences, faculty, and each other what it means to be a global citizen.

Explore Boston: Community Service
Consultant: Tim Krumreig (NU Community Service)
Assistant: Juliet Hoinkis
In Explore Boston: Community Service, students will explore Boston through the mutual desire to serve others. Students will delve into civic responsibility and learn about the needs of Boston’s various neighborhoods and communities through service opportunities and volunteering.

Social Impact
Consultant: Rebecca Riccio (Social Impact Lab)
Assistant: Anja Deric
Students in the Social Impact LLC will discover effective ways to become agents of social change and social justice to ensure equal rights for all: on campus, the Boston community, or globally. In this LLC, students will learn to practice effective advocacy for others and alleviate social oppression, or promote sustainability on campus and in the community.

Explore Boston: News, Politics & History
Consultant: Tom Vicino (CSSH)
Assistant: Alex Neamtu
In Explore Boston: News, Politics and History, students will explore Boston through an interest in learning about the history and politics in the city. Students will learn how Boston’s history affects its present, discuss current events, and go on collaborative excursions to experience the political nature of the city.

Consultants: Michael Hoppman (CAMD), Jaclyn Ruybalid Krueger (Honors) & Christina Alch (Residence Life)
Assistants: Nikhil Bhat, Nubia Wilson, & Lilia Merbouche
Students in this LLC consider themselves “Foodies.” With their community, they will experience Boston through the food they eat. Students will uncover their inner-foodie through cooking and eating various cuisines while learning more about what they eat from a nutritional, social and cultural perspective.

Health & Wellness
Consultant: Lorna Hayward (Bouvé)
Assistant: Natalie Sadlak
Students in the Health & Wellness LLC value holistic health and wellness and want to share that knowledge. Students will learn more about establishing a healthy mind, body and spirit and create experiences in their LLC to explore dimensions of wellness, including social, occupational, physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Outdoor Adventure
Consultants: Kate Berge (N.U.in) & Sam Maron (CSSH)
Assistants: Larissa Morikawa
Students in these LLCs will explore the many ways to embrace outdoor adventure in Greater Boston. Students will meet the challenge of exploring the outdoors while living in a city and travel with their community for hiking, kayaking, skiing, and any outdoor passions the students hope to pursue.

Consultants: Gianna Goode (Athletics) & Lauren Currie (NU Community Service)
Assistants: Amanda Murray & Larissa Morikawa
Students in the Athletics LLC will stay connected to their ideal sport or athletic hobby, from intramural sports to club sports to opportunities off campus. Students will connect with students with similar interests, go on runs through Boston, and promote well-being through fitness.

Consultant: Duncan Davis (COE)
Assistant: Alex Neamtu
Students whose “book” shelf is filled with board games or students who enjoy de-stressing through video games will come together in the Gaming LLC. Students will connect with one another, teach and learn new games or create their own, and use the world of gaming to become proficient problem-solvers and/or game designers.

Space Exploration & Robotics
Consultant: Brian O’Connell (COE)
Assistant: Nikhil Bhat
Students in the Space Exploration and Robotics LLC find community where all students have an imagination with no limits. Students can apply real-world engineering and design skills, working together to explore the interdisciplinary nature of robotics, work with Northeastern faculty, and bring knowledge into the greater Boston community.

Technological Creativity
Consultant: David Tamés (CAMD)
Assistant: Anja Deric
In this LLC, students assume roles as innovators, scientists, developers, and designers to create practical solutions to the world’s challenges. Students will bring their ideas to life using technology to be creative and innovative.

Entrepreneurial Mindset
Consultant: Cheryl Mitteness (D’Amore-McKim)
Assistant: Bethlehem Ashagire
Students can share dreams and ambitions with other curious and entrepreneurial students and see what innovative plans they come up with– or even make come true. Students can meet and collaborate with entrepreneurs on campus and in the Boston community to learn more about having an entrepreneurial mindset.