Honors LLCs

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Home to Honors Living Learning Communities (LLC), East Village houses all first-year Honors students as well as a limited number of upperclass Honors students.

At Northeastern, University Honors students embark on a student-directed educational journey along with a very talented group of peers who also possess an insatiable appetite for learning, a boundless imagination, and the aspiration to meet the most significant challenges confronting our world. Student-directed learning is at the core of the Honors experience and this experience is exemplified through our Honors LLCs. A truly student self-directed initiative, the themes of each of the LLCs we are offering in 2018-2019 come directly from the creative input of incoming Honors students.

Students in each Honors LLC will collaborate to create their own goals for the year. In the spring semester, they will plan and direct the activities they would collectively like to engage in order to explore their selected LLC themes. Each community can apply for Honors LLC Grants to fund their own learning activities.

Students will receive support in creating and carrying out their goals by various members of the University Honors community:

  • First, two Honors Faculty-in-Residence will live in the Honors community at East Village. These faculty members will play an active role in supporting Honors Living Learning Communities (LLCs), provide educational programming, and informally interact with students.
  • Second, each LLC will benefit from the guidance and support of an Honors Living Learning Consultant: a professional staff member, advisor, or faculty member who will help the LLC define and pursue their collective interests.
  • Third, Honors Living Learning Assistants (HLLAs), a set of upper class Honors students, will also live in East Village to enrich and support the student-directed programming of each Honors LLCs.
  • Fourth, the Resident Assistants and a Resident Director based at East Village will also be a support to each LLC, providing programming for all students in East Village.

Additionally, faculty and staff from all corners of campus, as well as Honors alumni, will also be called upon as content-area Specialists to provide information, guidance and resources that will extend the learning that occurs within the LLCs.

The Honors LLCs that emerged from the recommendations and preferences of Honors students who entered Northeastern in Fall 2018.  Students’ assignments to the LLCs were made on the basis of their personal rank-ordered preferences.