Major Course Example 2: Principals or Organizational Communication


Matt Mariano
Principals of Organizational Communication

Principals of Organizational Communication stands out to me as the most practical and enjoyable course that I have taken to date at Northeastern. Instead of focuses on abstract concepts, the course highlighted broad ideas, essentially ways of thinking about situations in the workplace. The case study I have included here was one of two that our class completed during the semester. Each case study was used at the culmination of a major part of the course as a way to demonstrate our understanding of the course material.

The best part about the case studies was that they didn’t require memory. So many courses require students to memorize material for an exam. With the case studies, students worked as teams (similar to a work environment) and were able to share ideas and combine strengths to create the best “final product” possible. Working as a team on a major project worth a good portion of your grade is a good learning experience in teamwork and compromise. You don’t always agree with every idea every person has and this project helped highlight that.

The case study included is an organizational communication plan for a software company undergoing management changes and in desire of cultural change. Students were in charge of coming up with a plan for management to handle their dilemma based on the tactics we learned throughout the course. To this day, it remains the most useful project/course I have completed.


Case Study Talent Software Organizational Communication Plan