e-Portfolio Components

Your Honors e-Portfolio will provide a tool to help you connect and contextualize your undergraduate experiences. Each year, you will archive materials (called artifacts) and contextualize those materials with short, reflective descriptions (called annotations). At the end of the first year, you will write a First Year Reflection in which you consider connections among your individual entries and the influence your experiences have on shaping your future goals. In your final year at Northeastern, you will write a Final Portfolio Statement synthesizing your learning as a Northeastern Honors student. Each of these four e-Portfolio components is described in more detail below.


E-Portfolio artifacts are materials gathered through coursework or experiential learning opportunities.  They can includes items such as term papers, powerpoint presentations, poster presentations or more creative examples such as video or music samples.


Each artifact should be accompanied by a brief (100-250 word) annotation, or a reflective statement explaining the importance of the item to your personal, academic or experiential learning career.

As you develop your annotations, consider these questions:

  • In what context was this artifact created? (briefly describe the class, assignment, job task or other experience where you did the work)
  • What did you learn that you did not already know? What took you by surprise?
  • What specific knowledge and skills did you gain?
  • Did you gain any strategy or approach to learning that will be useful in the future?
  • What lessons will you bring forward into other learning or work situations?
  • If this work was particularly challenging, what did you learn from the challenge?
  • If the artifact came from an academic course, how might it pertain to a future co-op experience? If the artifact came from a co-op or other experiential learning activity, how did it confirm/challenge/extend previous academic learning?

First Year Reflection Statement

Your First Year Reflective Statement will help tie together accomplishments of your first academic year on campus and provide a foundation for thinking strategically about your future academic and experiential goals while an undergraduate.  Your statement may explain your future goals and relevant preparations for those experiences.

Questions to consider in your annual reflection include:

  • What were your most significant learning experiences this year (in or outside of the classroom)?
  • What knowledge, skills or insights did you gain?
  • Did you recognize any patterns, connections or contradictions among your learning experiences?
  • What lessons will you bring forward into future experiences?
  • Did you encounter any particular challenges in your learning this year and, if so, how did you face them?
  • Have your experiences this year caused any of your goals to shift? What do you need to do in the coming year to pursue your goals?

Final Portfolio Statement

Your Final Portfolio Statement is a comprehensive summary of your experiences, accomplishments, and challenges of your undergraduate experience.