HEIST (Honors Exchange of Ideas, Skills & Talents) is a learning festival in which students teach each other interesting skills in a workshop format.

Designed by students, for students. Workshops are designed and taught by students on a topic they know, and honors students can attend up to five workshops on a range of topics throughout the afternoon. While traditional conferences display academic research, HEIST provides the opportunity for students to present on a variety of skills, whether from life experience, specific passion, or a hobby, in addition to personal research; see topics below. HEIST is only limited by students’ imaginations. Reception to follow.

Registration is now closed.
If you’d like to attend HEIST but have not registered, please come to Richards Hall 150 on Friday, March 22nd for day-of registration and information.

Schedule of Events
View the HEIST Program for details on workshops

Baking, Decomposed | Max Daniels | East Village 102
Basic Coding & CS Theory | Zachary Reiter | Richards 165
American Sign Language | Shira Weiss | What’s Poppin’
Introductory Website Design | Julien Cherry | Richards 275

Computer Skills: Academic Workflows | Henry Desai | Richards 165
Watercolor | Gabriella Lehmann Rodriguez | Curry 440
Learn to Embroider! | Elaina Murphy | What’s Poppin’
Public Speaking Made Simple | David Shoyket | Richards 275

Learn to Crochet! | Elaina Murphy | What’s Poppin’
Building A Website | Zachary Reiter | Curry 435
Photoshop | Amanda Stark | Curry 433
Computer Science Project Startup | Jakob Hain | Richards 165
Software Vulnerabilities and Bug Bounty Programs | Sarada Symonds | Richards 275
Cuban Salsa | Danielle Murad Waiss | Curry 348

Drawing Portraits – Light, Shadow and Anatomy | Jisoo Han | Curry 435
Embroidery | Avery Bleichfeld | What’s Poppin’
Decorating Baked Goods | Kat Deabill | East Village 102
Credit Cards & Scores: Myths and Misconceptions | Henry Desai | Richards 165
Acting | Zachary Reiter | Curry 348
Baking Tips 1101: Desserts | Kayla Vestergaard | Richards 275
Music Production | Daniel Trapp | Curry 433

Less is More: Crafting a Compelling Presentation | Henry Desai | Richards 165
Drawing in Perspective | James Doyle | Curry 433
Photo Editing with Open-Source Software | Salvatore LaRussa | Curry 435
Garment Painting | Kate Moore | East Village 102
Intro to Comedy Improv | Allison Winter | Curry 348
Git: Version Control [Coding] | Atharva Shukla | Richards 275

Reception | What’s Poppin’ Space
Socialize with HEIST participants over tacos. Raffle prize winners will be announced!