Leadership Opportunities

Honors Ambassadors

Leadership 1

Honors Leadership Institute, Fall 2015

Being an Honors Ambassador is a way to share your enthusiasm for the Honors Program by acting as a representative of the program, specifically at recruitment events. Ambassadors participate at Weekend Open House or Welcome Day Discussion Panels, typically once per semester. They also may meet with prospective students at the Honors Office or assist with Honors Welcome Week. Ambassadors attend monthly planning meetings during the Fall and Spring semesters.

Students applying should be outgoing, friendly, comfortable speaking in front of large groups, and capable of representing the Honors Program positively while answering a range of questions about Program and the university-at-large. Students interested in becoming Honors Ambassadors should contact honorsambassadors@northeastern.edu.

Honors Program Assistants

Honors Program Assistants help to support curricular and co-curricular programming for the Honors Program, particularly for upperclass students. They also provide input to program leadership when planning new initiatives and events. Last year, Program Assistants planned several engaging events, including the Nacho Average Honors Gathering and the Honors Living Library.

Students applying should having interesting and innovative ideas for programming and engaging the Honors Community, enthusiasm for planning events and sharing about the Honors Program, and can positively represent the Honors Program in a variety of situations. If you are interested in learning more about Honors Program Assistants please contact Jenna Thrash or Barbie Papalios.

Honors Living-Learning Assistants

Honors Living Learning Assistants (HLLAs) are upperclass Honors student leaders who provide a bridge between the academic and residential life components of the Northeastern University Honors Program experience by supporting Honors Living Learning Communities (LLCs), based in East Village. HLLAs live in East Village with the first-year honors students, but in the upperclass apartments, and provide support and leadership to the LLCs they oversee (1-2 each).

HLLAs facilitate the themed LLCs through learning activities and events, submit funding proposals to support such activities, and build community among Honors students. HLLAs will develop their own leadership potential by learning how to mentor first-year students. In addition to the leadership development, all HLLAs receive a stipend for their 10-12 hour weekly commitment.