Honors Dialogue of Civilization: Rome, Summer 1 2014

Italy: Rome, City as Text (Honors)
Dialogue of Civilizations | Rome, Italy
Faculty Leader: Prof. Daniel Faber (d.faber@neu.edu)
Term: Summer I
Dates: Monday May 5th to Thursday June 6th, 2014


  • HONR 3309 Honors Seminar Abroad – Rome: City as Text
  • ITLN 1301/1302/2301/2302 Italian Language Immersion

The purpose of the course is to use Rome as a social laboratory to explore major urban issues. Rome will be examined in a context of its geographic region, its role as the capital city of Italy, and as a major urban center of the European Union. The course will address the social, political and cultural history of Rome and its role as a contemporary cultural trend setter and world class city. Through explorations within the city and other key sites in the area including Florence and Herculaneum students will learn about political and economic life of Italy. The course will use ethnographic research, scholarly articles, guest lectures, site visits to develop a deeper understanding of contemporary issues such as immigration, gentrification, changing gender roles, political corruption, and tourism that would not otherwise be possible in a traditional classroom setting.

Students will be staying in groups in apartment style housing with kitchenettes and internet, with close proximity to classes and excursions.

Rome, Florence and Herculaneum, Italy

Eligibility Requirements
All applicants must be Honors Students with a GPA of 3.5 or better. First Year students will be evaluated after first semester grades are posted. Students will also be required to attend an info session and an interview.

For more details and application process please see: