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Honors Dialogue of Civilizations

Honors Students on Prof. Bucar's Dialogue of Civilizations

Honors Students on Prof. Bucar’s Dialogue of Civilizations

In 2010, the Honors Program initiated its first Dialogue of Civilizations to Rome, Italy. Today, the Program holds three Dialogues during the summer semesters. Honors Dialogues are characterized by three things: first, each Dialogue has its own particular theme; second, each is led by an Honors faculty member who shares their particular area of teaching/research interest with the students; third, each Dialogue is grounded in an Interdisciplinary Seminar.

The goal of these programs are to promote knowledge, understanding, and global engagement through course work, language acquisition, travel, and participation in an NU designed and delivered international academic experience. This short-term program is targeted toward Honors students who may not have the opportunity to complete international work later on in their academic career, or who want to have an early international experience prior to a more traditional study abroad semester, global civic engagement or international co-op experience.

Substituting Study Abroad for Honors Course Credit

In conjunction with the Honors Program goal of promoting global awareness, students who are planning to study abroad may substitute a study abroad experience for the equivalent of one Honors course.