Honors Scholarships & Awards

George Alden & Amelia Peabody Awards

The Honors Program awards scholarship monies applicable to tuition expenses through the George Alden Trust and the Amelia Peabody Scholarship Fund.

The Amelia Peabody Scholarship fund is available for students who have good academic standing, demonstrate financial need, and actively participate in the Honors Program. The George Alden Trust is available for students who have good academic standing, demonstrate financial need, actively participate in the Honors Program, and maintain permanent residency or exclusively reside in Worcester County, Massachusetts.

The application will be available on myNortheastern during the Spring 2019 semester.

University Honors Early Research Awards

First- and Second-year University Honors Students are eligible to apply for funding to support faculty-mentored research or creative endeavors through one of two paths:

  • Student-initiated: Student initiates contact with a faculty member or team and expresses interest in developing a new research/creative project or joining an ongoing project. Student completes an application and prepares a brief proposal that describes the project and includes a budget request for research expenses to support their participation on the project, not to exceed $1,000. Faculty supervisor provides a letter of support. Proposals are reviewed by the University Honors Program and students and supervising faculty are then notified of their selection.

      Students can submit an application here.


  • Faculty-initiated: The University Honors Program sends out a request to faculty for proposals, which will include a budget request for research expenses to support a student’s participation on the project, not to exceed $1,000. Students then apply to work with a faculty member on their project. Applications are reviewed by faculty, who select the students they wish to work with.

Opportunities for faculty-initiated Honors Early Research projects are listed here. They can also be found listed at the Office of Undergraduate Research & Fellowships.

      Students can submit an application here.

In both pathways, students are limited to one award per year, and up to two Early Research Awards during their time at Northeastern.

*Eligible expenses include research supplies, equipment, software, travel to research sites. 

University Honors Conference Travel Award

All University Honors students are eligible to apply. Consideration will solely be given to research experiences that took place in the applicant’s undergraduate career. Awards will not be granted for any conference participation occurring after the conferral of an undergraduate degree.

Funding up to $750 will be available to cover the costs of travel to a national or international conference to present the results of research or creative endeavors of which they are the lead student author. Students must submit a copy of the notification they received indicating that their presentation has been accepted. Students can apply here.  

Applications will be reviewed on the last business day of each month, whereupon the University Honors Program will notify students of the rendered decision. Students are encouraged to appropriately plan the submission of their application with this deadline in mind.

University Honors Interdisciplinary Thesis Award

University Honors students in their third, fourth or fifth year of study are eligible to apply.

Awards of up to $1,500 are available to students who propose original research or creative work, under the mentorship of a faculty member, that is intended to fulfill the requirements of the Honors Interdisciplinary Thesis.