Alumni Mentoring Network


The Northeastern University Honors Program Alumni Mentoring Network connects upper class Honors students with Honors Program alumni to mutually advance students’ and mentors’ professional and personal effectiveness through supportive intergenerational relationships and networking.


At Northeastern, we believe that learning happens everywhere, anywhere, and with anyone. As we roll out our exciting, “reimagined” University Honors Program initiatives, we take this belief to heart as we invite Honors alumni to play a vital role in promoting the learning that extends beyond classroom walls.

Through the fostering of supportive intergenerational relationships that feature student mentorship, we envision the creation of rich, vibrant networks that connect Honors students, alums, and Honors Program staff who all learn from one another.

Through these networked communities, the University Honors Program will achieve its mission of advancing student development through personalized, integrated and experiential learning.

Role of Honors Student Mentees

As Mentees, Honors students seek guidance and personal attention from a mentor who is invested in their success. Students gain experience in cultivating strong professional relationships as they grow intellectually, professionally and personally.

Role of Honors Alumni Mentors

Honors Alumni Mentors provide guidance and support to Honors students as they chart their unique learning journeys and prepare for their bright futures. Mentors may elect to work with a single student, or a small group of students, who share a disciplinary or professional interest. Alternately, Mentors may elect to serve as a “consultant” to groups of students with a common interest.

Role of the University Honors Program

  • University Honors Program professionals will provide ongoing support to Mentors and Mentees to ensure that the relationships are mutually beneficial.
  • The University Honors Program will provide educational resources on effective mentoring and will host occasional  networking events in which participants may share ideas and experiences, and form rewarding relationships with other mentors and alums.


  • Both Mentors and Mentees will become part of a vibrant network of inter-generational learners.
  • As students reap rich rewards from what they learn from their Mentors, alums also learn from their protégés while developing their mentoring abilities.
  • Through their interactions with the larger community of Honors Mentors and Mentees, all participants’ professional networks will be enriched.
  • Alumni and current students remain active contributors to the University Honors Program and the greater Northeastern University community, establishing meaningful relationships that will last a life-time.

Application and Matching Processes

Honors Alumni and Honors Students matching will be facilitated according to information provided in their respective profiles. If you are interested in participating, please complete  a Student Mentee Profile below! After doing so, you will receive additional information about our new interactive matching process, and access to the Alumni Mentoring Network Participant Portal.

To complete your Student Profile, please click here .

The University Honors Program believes that the opportunity to forge meaningful relationships with members of our alumni community is invaluable.  Our aim is to match students with alumni who are willing to invest deeply in students’ holistic development.  Although we may not be able to match you with an Honors Mentor who shares your exact academic background or professional aspiration, we are confident that you will be matched with a Mentor who will have your best interests at heart and will offer quality advice and support.

Application and Matching Processes Timeline

Fall 2018

  • Matching for the 2018-2019 academic year will begin in the Fall semester and will continue throughout the year on a rolling basis. We aim to be flexible and accommodating to those students leaving or returning from co-op or study abroad opportunities.

Please forward any questions, thoughts or concerns to Shannon Fairley-Pittman, Associate Director, Northeastern University Honors Program: or 617-373-2333.