Undergraduate Research

A Twist on Old Paradigms

It’s not just technology that’s undergoing dramatic changes, but also human interactions, perceptions, ethics and expectations

Breaking Bones for Future Engineers

Our project demonstrates to High School students how actual engineers are working to find the most effective solutions to hip replacements in humans in medical applications.

Workarounds and Prototypes

Our goal was to demonstrate to people the importance, practicality, and relevance of workarounds and prototypes in both our daily lives and in a diverse range of industries.

Research That Takes Some Nerve

Ultrasound stimulation would be a lot less invasive and, as we already use ultrasound medically in procedures such as imaging, potentially safer and less intimidating for patients.

Novel Reading and Social Policy

Maybe the empathy we feel for the characters translates into real-life empathy. Perhaps reading a book can make us more informed and passionate citizens.

Steel Specimen Modelling

Civil Engineers have been building things for millennia, and yet, there’s still so much about the materials we use every day that we could understand better.