Day 21: The Road Less Traveled

By this point, our sixth day of walking the Camino, we understand the drill: wake up, eat as many pieces of toast as is physically possible, walk a few kilometers, stop and eat ham and cheese and maybe some cabbage soup, walk a few more kilometers, stop at the hotel, read an article, talk about… Read more »

Day 20: Through the Fog

With breakfast 30 minutes later than usual, we were all looking forward to a little extra rest this morning. Unfortunately, 30 minutes was not enough to compensate for the fatigue that accompanies walking, so we still woke up groggily. Battling the fog shrouding our brains, we haphazardly crammed our belongings into suitcases before heading down… Read more »

Day 19: Butterfly Blessings

Today was the day I think I had dreaded most. We were walking only fifteen kilometers; however, it was going to be entirely uphill. Or up a mountain, to be precise. I had already gained some lovely blisters on my feet from the previous days on the Camino (including some under my toenails, don’t ask… Read more »

Day 18: A Pilgrim’s Guide to Fashion

You may have heard that Paris is the fashion capital of Europe, but whoever said that has never witnessed the living runway passing through Northern Spain each year. This parade of fashion’s most forward-thinking participants embodies the growing eclectic clothing movement. These modern style gurus can be found by looking for this season’s hottest trend,… Read more »

Day 17: A Day of Many Firsts

After feeling fresh after just one day of hiking, we thought to ourselves “The next twelve days won’t be too bad!” But as the day went on, that thought slowly disappeared while soreness, pain, and blisters tormented us for a long duration of the walk. When we first got to the hotel, we immediately ripped… Read more »

Day 16: Confessions of a Fit-Bit-Obsessed Teen

It is Day 1 on the Camino de Santiago and we are ready. The class is suited in full hiking gear, sporting only the trendiest of fashions to represent Northeastern: zip-off pants, bulky hiking shoes, and backpacks with front clips are the norm. Clearly, we came prepared. However, while the rest of my attire blended… Read more »

Day 15: Ready, Set, Camino!

Our second day in the small village of Rabanal del Camino (and by small, I mean a population of less than 30 people) was spent with the Benedictine monks of the local monastery. The day began with hearing about the stories of Father Javier: how he became a monk and what he was doing in… Read more »

Day 14: The Sound of Silence

What would the world be like if you couldn’t speak your mind? Would you sharpen your other senses and learn to experience the world in a new way? Today we had the privilege of attending a Vespers service with Benedictine monks who had taken a vow of silence in the San Salvador del Monte Irago… Read more »

Day 13: Time Flies (And So Do We)

Lucy: Today marks two weeks since we flew to Spain, and our last day in the South. I can hardly believe that tomorrow we leave for Rabanal, the starting point of our pilgrimage to Santiago. The day started bright and early with our class discussion at 8:30, where Liz began by lecturing us on our… Read more »

Day 12: It Took Forever

If one thing should be understood about Spain, it’s “Spanish Time.” Everyone goes slow and starts late. Wake up and have breakfast in the late morning. Lunch between two and three in the afternoon. Sleep for a few hours. Dinner between nine and ten in the evening. Anyone who’s inclined to go out at night… Read more »