Honors Dialogue 2015

Day 21: It’s the Climb

Today was our fourth day on the Camino, and though our feet and legs still hurt we woke up early to hike up the mountain to reach O’Cebreiro. Today was the shortest day in length but was still very physically demanding. The mountain was very steep and we had to be careful with our footing,… Read more »

Day 20: You Take the High Road

Although we are only three days in, waking up on the Camino has become a familiar routine, and Sunday was no exception. After a night of sound sleeping, everyone was up early, with suitcases packed and feet bandaged, ready to hit the road again. A slight chill was still in the air as we went over directions,… Read more »

Day 19: “Roam Free”

Since we started the Camino yesterday, one or two students have read some inspirational or motivational words of wisdom in the form of a quote, poem, or anything else. This morning, after Elaine read a lengthy, spiritual, engaging poem, I shared a single sentence, text messaged to me by my twin brother back in Pennsylvania…. Read more »

Day 18: We Gotta Stick Together

With walking sticks in tow and promises to “stick” together, we set off on our first day of the Camino de Santiago into the unknown. Having recently written about our motivations for choosing to do this pilgrimage, many of us questioned whether this would be more of a physical journey (reaching Santiago) or a spiritual… Read more »

Day 17: El Camino’s Eve

‘Twas the night before the Camino, and all through our group, We were ready to walk, to gather the troops. I began in the morning with a run in León, Knowing that our time in the cities was gone. We had studied the Jews, we had studied the Moors; It was time for an adventure,… Read more »

Day 16: Why Are We Walking?

Reason #1: All other forms of transportation are unreliable Exhibit A:  Our bus this morning The day began with an early start was we boarded our bus for a four-and-a-half hour ride to Leon. Two hours in, however, we found ourselves pulled over at a rest stop due to what was translated as “air conditioning… Read more »

Day 15: As One Adventure Ends, Another One Begins…

It is officially the last full day in Toledo before we head off to northern Spain and begin the pilgrimage from León to Santiago de Compostela. These past two and half weeks have been amazing exploring southern Spain. From Granada to Córdoba to Toledo, we learned about the tensions between Islam, Christianity, and Judaism and… Read more »

Day 14: Wrapping Up

Today was a day of deep contemplation, reflection, and focus as we all started our final papers for the first course of our Dialogue. This final paper not only marks the end of our course on Islam here in Spain, but is the culmination of all that we have seen and learned during our first… Read more »

Day 13: What “Living Together” Really Means

Bright and early, we were again greeted by Adolfo Ferrero, a local art historian, to continue our discussion of convivencia (“living together) that began yesterday with our visits to the Mezquita del Cristo de la Luz and Toledo’s gothic cathedral. Today’s walking tour of Toledo’s old Jewish quarter, Santa Maria La Blanca synagogue, El Tránsito… Read more »

Day 12: Welcome to Toledo

Today was our first of four full days in Toledo, but we allowed ourselves a lazy start. Many of us spent the morning catching up on sleep or homework so that we could be ready for a day packed with information and site visits. We first met up in our hotel for a class discussion… Read more »