Honors Dialogue 2015

Day 31: Home

It was easy to believe that we weren’t really getting ready to depart as we sleepily climbed out of the beds we had fallen into just hours before (a last minute attempt on our parts to spend more time together). We were used to being tired, to packing our suitcases in a daze, managing once… Read more »


  Here we are again, the final day of our Dialogue. A day full of intense concentration, writing, and tears as we all grudgingly write the final paper that marks not only the end of our course on pilgrimage, but our time together in Spain. Our final papers act as reflections of our time on… Read more »

Day 29: Reaching Santiago

Today is the day. It’s the day we have been waiting for, the day we have been moving towards for 11 days now. 150 miles later, today is the day we arrive in Santiago de Compostela, finishing the Camino. We woke up at 5:15 to start walking at 6. Our “Sunrise Walk” would allow us… Read more »

Day 28: Free Philosophy and Painted Nails

Do we have one day more or two? Right before dinner tonight I was talking to three women from Texas and they were taken by surprise on how little time we were spending in Santiago. One said she needed more time than that to readjust to the “real” world. The Camino has definitely been like a trip… Read more »

Day 27: We’ll Make it I Swear 

Manuel, our guide, is fluent in English and 5 other languages. And yet, today, on our longest walk thus far, it was clear that there are several Manuelisms that simply don’t translate. For example: “it’s mostly flat”, which he assured us as we began our ten-hour trek this morning. Yes, this is relative, as he… Read more »

Day 26: “Flat” Hills, Celtic Ruins, and Disney Pilgrims

Before leaving for our 15 miles of walking today, Manuel informed us that today’s walk would be “flat.” Looking forward to not having to climb hills, we were surprised with a fairly steep hill not long after setting out and many other hills as we continued along. It seems that in the mountainous region of… Read more »

Day 25: No Sleep Till Santiago

In an effort to replicate an authentic pilgrim experience, we start and end everyday on the Camino the same way: by sleeping. Our one rest day was no exception. Sleeping is my absolute favorite activity, as anyone in our group can tell you, so I decided to dedicate my blog post to it. Today, since… Read more »

Day 24: A Blessing in Disguise

Today started with a walk up a hill shrouded in morning mist, at the top of which stood an old church surrounded by a burial ground. This cemetery was unique to this region in that it was built as a wall, with slots carved into the wall for caskets. While the infinitely knowledgeable Manuel explained… Read more »

Day 23: The Power of Silence

We have been walking for five days on the Camino and it is now Day 6 of walking. The day started off with a class trip to the pharmacy in Triacastela to get some much-needed supplies for our blisters, rashes, and aches. While half us of were in the pharmacy, the other half of us… Read more »

Day 22: Murder House or Summer Cottage?

I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul. “Invictus” by William Henley These were the final words of the poem that I read this morning, as today’s daily dose of vision quest. When it comes to my attitude about the Camino, they fairly accurately describe how I feel. I… Read more »