Honors Dialogue 2016

Day 29: Goodbye

And just like that, it’s over! After one month, our journey has come to a close and it feels like just yesterday that we started. Cameron and I woke up at 6:30 this morning to say goodbye to everyone as they headed to the airport. It was a bittersweet goodbye filled with tears, mostly mine…. Read more »

Day 28: Machitos Love the Most

Manuel, our guide on this crazy adventure, became such a great friend to all of us. He’d listen to us whine and complain about our blisters, our knees, our ankles and our backs and we’d listen to him try and explain what café we were stopping at next. He’d help us drain our blisters, show… Read more »

Day 27: Looks Like We Made It!

Today was the day. After nearly two weeks of walking, continuing on despite blisters and busted knees, we were finally poised to reach Santiago. During our last twenty kilometers (which we now consider a short day), the group seemed to stick together more than ever. We were sure not to leave our walking wounded behind… Read more »

Day 26: Here Comes the Sun

Today, on our second-to-last day of walking, we had an unusually early start. We decided to leave the hotel at 6:15 AM so that we could start our walk in the dark and see the sunrise. You would think that after many days on the Camino with little sleep, the last thing we would want… Read more »

Day 25: Old St. James, He Had a Farm

Usually on the Camino, we hit lunch with only one leg left in our day’s journey. Today we hit it just a little over halfway, having already legged about sixteen kilometers in the early-morning-fog-turned-sweltering-heat. This restaurant had some of the typical Spanish menu items: chorizo, cheeses, St. James cake, empanada (my choice), eggs. And then… Read more »

Day 24: The Goddamn Spanish Bread

“I didn’t expect the Camino to be this hard!” says Kayla, flopping onto her bed in exasperation and exhaustion. “I blame it on the bread,” she yells. “It’s the goddamn Spanish bread!” Indeed, pain and suffering are real factors on the Camino. We were not expecting this. We are a young, fit, adventurous crew of… Read more »

Day 23: Rest Day, Best Day

Today was our rest day. After days of walking impossibly long distances, after dozens of blisters, and after lots of hills, we finally get a day to sleep in, sit down, and do anything except walk. We’ve had such a packed schedule for the past few days, from waking up early to walking for six… Read more »

Day 22: One Day More (Until Rest Day)

Today as we dragged ourselves out of our hotel in Sarria, our weary pilgrim feet were motivated by the fact that only 22 kilometers lay between us and a much-anticipated rest day in Portomarin. Now embarking on our seventh day of this crazy adventure called the Camino, we were all eager for a blissful thirty-six… Read more »

Day 21: The Road Less Traveled

By this point, our sixth day of walking the Camino, we understand the drill: wake up, eat as many pieces of toast as is physically possible, walk a few kilometers, stop and eat ham and cheese and maybe some cabbage soup, walk a few more kilometers, stop at the hotel, read an article, talk about… Read more »

Day 20: Through the Fog

With breakfast 30 minutes later than usual, we were all looking forward to a little extra rest this morning. Unfortunately, 30 minutes was not enough to compensate for the fatigue that accompanies walking, so we still woke up groggily. Battling the fog shrouding our brains, we haphazardly crammed our belongings into suitcases before heading down… Read more »