From Ferguson

Physically being in Ferguson was surreal…But finally, at the tail end of this trip, we were there, in the middle of a news story.

Volunteering with BuildOn

People raced each other to collect leaves, and some students even began to sing and dance in their native Haitian Creole.

Glacier National Park

In an increasingly globalized world, I think it is as important as ever to discover the wonders right here at home

Sequoia National Park

What wilderness is to me now, is a place free from invasive technology and free from human development.

Debating Foreign Policy at NUMAL

The knowledge I gain from debating in simulations of real-world regional and global organizations complements the courses I take every day of the week.

Presenting at the ASBMB Annual Meeting

I attended the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Annual Meeting to present findings from work in Professor Penny Beuning’s Lab at NU.

Glacier National Park

There could be no better time to start living wholeheartedly, and for this realization, I thank Glacier.