Partners In the Parks: Great Smokey Mountains

The number one question I received when telling my friends that I would be attending a Partners in the Parks trip always concerned the fact that I would be in the woods for a week with 19 strangers.

Feeling Like a College Student

At the end of my phone interview with Dan and Laura, I surprised myself with straightforwardness. “This is my first choice for co-op,” I admitted. “If you offer the position to me, I’ll take it.”

A Week on the Buffalo

It was pouring rain and thundering outside on March 11th, and I was in an unfamiliar room surrounded by unfamiliar faces in central Arkansas, 1,480 miles from home.

Buffalo National River

I arrived in Arkansas in the immediate aftermath of a hurricane that had turned most of the Southern United States into a swimming pool. After seven hours of weather delays, a terror-inspiring flight featuring lightning flashing outside the windows, and an uncomfortable few hours spend sleeping on the floor of the Texas airport, I made it to the University of Central Arkansas, soggy and exhausted but ready for the hurricane-induced surprises to be over.

Passion in the Parks: Black Canyon of the Gunnison

For my first trip out west, I couldn’t have chosen a more beautiful place to visit and learn about than the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. With old, pre-Cambrian exposed rock and over 2000-foot vertical canyon walls, it’s understandable why John Gunnison himself was astounded and intimidated by the deep canyon.

Great Smoky Adventure

Partners in the Parks was a great opportunity to travel to the Great Smoky Mountains and meet some interesting and talented people. First off, a big thanks goes out to our advisors, Bill Atwill and Christina McIntyre who organized the whole trip and looked out for all of us.

Great Basin- a Hidden Treasure

Great Basin National Park is a hidden gem in the Department of the Interior’s crown. When I arrived in the park with six other students from universities around the country, I wasn’t prepared for what I experienced: nothing.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Partners in the Parks allowed us the unique opportunity to get under the surface and hear about the mountains from seasoned park stewards.