Society for Neuroscience 2016

SfN is a large organization of scientists and physicians devoted to understanding the brain and the nervous system.

The Collapse of Compassion

Surprisingly, psychological research in the past decade tells us the exact opposite: the more suffering individuals we see, the less compassionate we tend to feel.

A Weekend in Baltimore

This weekend pulled me deeper into exploring connections between my work and…the larger world of racial conflict specific to cities, spaces of injustice, and justice building.

Presenting Research in San Diego

I presented this research at the annual meeting for the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. This year, it was held in San Diego, so while it snowed in Boston, I attended poster sessions and lectures.

251st American Chemical Society Meeting

Attending this conference afforded me the opportunity to network with professionals that specialize in proteomics, learn some tips for our own student chapter, and represent Northeastern University’s active chemistry department.

Science in Scotland

Then the idea just came to us: we took the two things we knew best, bacteria and encapsulation, and we decided to try encapsulating bacteria.