In the Classroom

Human Rights in the 21st Century

I had the opportunity to teach a discussion-based class on the Dadaab refugee camp, incorporating the narratives found in Ben Rawlence’s “City of Thorns”

Two Minds on Two Minds

As a cognitive scientist, I understand that only through active engagement with the course material will students process the information deeply and make lasting connections to other areas of their experience.

HONR 3310: Dealing with Drugs

Fascination with these questions led me to develop a course on the global and local implications of legal and illicit substances.

Making a Musical

Amidst this learning, students begin to write and share their own musical work, which includes music, lyrics, and book.

Human Rights in the 21st Century

In the US, the term “human rights” is throw around in many different contexts, but few Americans understand what they are.

History of Assassination

My experience as a Teaching Assistant for the History of State Assassination is not one I will forget soon. The course, taught by nonconformist Professor Burds, was an eye opening experience to what is definitely one of the least analyzed phenomena of world history.

Unwrapping the Russian Enigma

We all agreed that going forward we must attempt to understand better the Russian view of the world, created out of considerable hardship and suffering, rather than relying on the persistent, simplistic and negative stereotypes of Russia and Russians that still pervade American popular culture.

Peace with Justice in Northern Ireland

Eighteen years after the Good Friday Agreement, the landmark peace decision which saw the decommissioning of arms by paramilitaries and the beginning of a power-sharing government, Northern Ireland is still on its way to being a “post-conflict” society.