Honors in the Discipline


Anthony Moffa (2014) Presenting His “Honors In The Discipline” Project

The Honors Program curriculum culminates with Honors in the Discipline. This coursework – usually in thesis or project form – grants upper-class students the opportunity to carve out a research initiative under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Such a project pulls together both the skills acquired to undertake the project with a particular topic of interest. For example, a recent project included primary document research in libraries in Washington, DC and Prague where one of our students put traditional archival research skills to work alongside language skills. Another student spent time in Panama, working on a National Science Foundation undergraduate grant and living in the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute while studying ants. Many projects, however, are closer to home, sometimes undertaken in sites in the metropolitan Boston area, where one student studied gorilla tool-building strategies at the Franklin Park Zoo.

The requirements for Honors in the Discipline are defined by each college. It can take nearly any form: a thesis, multimedia presentation, performance, website, or another format appropriate to your field. Upon completion, students will receive Honors Distinction in Major at graduation.

As each college has specific requirements for this initiative, students should review their college’s website or contact their designated college Academic Advisor for further information.

For strategies on how to find a faculty mentor, develop a proposal, apply for research funding, and submit the project for on-campus research events like RISE and HERE (Honors Evening Research Expo), contact the Honors Program Office.