Honors Courses

Honors Discovery (HONR 1102)

Honors Discovery is a one-credit course required for all first-year Honors students. It empowers students to set clear academic, professional, and personal goals, provides a comprehensive introduction to life at Northeastern University and the city of Boston; and creates a sense of community among the first-year Honors cohort. Particular attention is given to preparing students to take advantage of those unique opportunities and resources available through their membership in the University Honors Program. These include (but are not limited to): Honors coursework offering an interdisciplinary perspective alongside Northeastern’s signature experiential learning pedagogy; developmental advising; Honors Living-Learning Communities; opportunities for Research and Creative Endeavors, Global experiences, and Civic Engagement opportunities; and Mentoring by Honors Alumni.

Honors First Year Inquiry Series (HONR 1310)

The Honors First-Year Inquiry Series courses feature a variety of intriguing topics taught by Honors faculty in which where Honors students explore issues and engage in experiential learning with a small group of their peers. First-Year students are strongly encouraged to take these courses, as eligibility only extends through their first year of study. The topics of the First-Year Inquiry Courses change every semester. Most First-Year Inquiry courses have been designed to meet specific NUpath requirements.

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Honors Interdisciplinary Seminars (HONR 3310)

Honors Interdisciplinary Seminars are designed to facilitate upperclass students’ (sophomores and above) exploration of numerous topics through an interdisciplinary lens. Recent seminars range from childhood and adolescent neurological development, the ethics of modern philanthropy, and the historical and contemporary consequences of trade wars. Honors students must complete one Honors Interdisciplinary Seminar to receive University Honors Program Distinction.

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Honors Sections of Departmental Courses

Honors course sections are offered by numerous departments, including Mathematics, English, Accounting, Political Science, Engineering, and Physics, to name a few. These Honors courses carry the same course number departmental prefix as non-Honors sections courses, but are designated as Honors in the title on the transcript. These courses will appear in the Registrar’s course registry with the Honors designation indicated. These classes have a range of distinctive profiles relative to other departmental courses – for example, they may address the subject matter in greater depth, add experiential learning components, and include fewer students.

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