Honors Course Design and Assessment

The University Honors Program has partnered with the Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning Through Research (CATLR) to offer a convenient, confidential service to faculty seeking advice on Honors course design, mid-course feedback, and/or final assessment. Upon request, a CATLR consultant may meet with Honors faculty to assist in the design phase of your course. Furthermore, they may also visit class for 15-20 minutes during mid-semester and engage with students (while the faculty is absent) about their learning experience through a set of questions specifically tailored to each Honors course. The CATLR consultant will then synthesize student feedback and confidentially share it with the Honors faculty member. Finally, CATLR stands ready to offer assistance to faculty teaching Honors Courses who wish to develop, gather and analyze quantitative and qualitative assessment data on their courses in a systematic and confidential fashion.  Faculty interested in learning more are encouraged to contact CATLR.