Faculty Resources

The Honors Program at Northeastern brings together some of the most creative and dedicated educators on campus to design, implement, and assess new and pedagogically advanced Honors courses. To build a strong community among Honors faculty, and between Honors faculty and students, we also organize many programs and activities that go beyond the boundaries of the classroom.

The Honors Program has many exciting opportunities and resources for Honors faculty to explore creative pedagogies; pilot innovative and dynamic Honors courses and Dialogues of Civilization; organize co- and extra- curricular activities, embedded travel, and service learning in connection with Honors courses; exchange ideas about teaching and learning with fellow Honors faculty; hire a Teaching Assistant for their Honors course; engage Honors students in their research pursuits; and anything else that may enable Honors students to share a faculty member’s passion for his or her subject matter.

University faculty are invited to review all the resources and opportunities available through University Honors.  For additional information or to propose a faculty activity involving Honors students, please email honors@northeastern.edu.  To schedule an appointment to discuss teaching an HONR course, please email  Dr. Laurie Kramer – l.kramer@neu.edu.