Faculty Resources

Faculty are vital members of the intellectual community in Honors. The University Honors Program continually seeks to bring together the most creative and dedicated educators on campus to design, implement, and assess pedagogically advanced courses and other types of educational experiences for Honors students.

In Honors, faculty are encouraged and supported to “teach the course they always dreamt of teaching,” to explore topics with students that are not part of their traditional curriculum, to bring information from diverse areas together through an integrated lens, to experiment with new teaching methods and approaches, and to partner with faculty from complementary disciplines to create novel and exciting educational opportunities.

In addition to designing and offering Honors courses, faculty are encouraged to engage with Honors students by personally mentoring their research and creative endeavors, offering guidance as students define their professional aspirations and pathways, serving as a Consultant or Content-Area Specialist to an Honors Living-Learning Community relevant to their specialization, offer a Master class to prospective Honors students, or participate as a speaker in any one of our events—any of which will enrich the intellectual life of Honors.

The University Honors Program offers unparalleled opportunities and resources to enable faculty to explore creative pedagogies for Honors students; pilot innovative and dynamic Honors courses and Dialogues of Civilization; design co-curricular activities; embed travel and service-learning in connection with Honors courses; engage Honors students in their research pursuits; and anything else that may enable Honors students to share a faculty member’s passion for his or her subject matter. Honors is also pleased to consult with faculty as they consider how to best design their courses and incorporate experiential learning, construct their syllabi and NUpath proposals, as well as how to leverage the distinct opportunities to support students’ integration of their learning offered by Northeastern’s SAIL (Self-Authored Integrated Learning) learning framework.

To build a strong community among Honors faculty, Honors hosts workshops and working luncheons that enable faculty to share ideas, collaborate, and consider new innovations in Honors education. And, given Honors’ role as an “Innovation Playground” (Honors is “HIP”), whatever creations faculty develop through Honors can ultimately be brought back to their departments and colleges, as appropriate, to serve the broader population of Northeastern students. In this way, faculty members’ contributions to Honors education are truly contributions to the education of all Northeastern students.

Faculty also contribute to Honors education through service on two critical committees: The Honors Educational Advisory Committee and the Honors-College Collaboration Committee. Faculty participants in both committees are nominated by each of the Colleges. The Honors Educational Advisory committee also includes student representatives as well as a professional from the Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning through Research (CATLR). Both committees are deeply engaged in advancing novel approaches to Honors education at Northeastern.

University faculty are invited to review all the resources and opportunities available through University Honors. For additional information or to propose an educational opportunity for Honors students, please email honors@northeastern.edu. To schedule an appointment to discuss teaching an HONR course or Dialogue of Civilization, please email Dr. Laurie Kramer – l.kramer@northeastern.edu.