Academics Landing

The University Honors Program offers a rich array of exciting courses and seminars— with learning that regularly extends beyond classroom walls to explore Boston and, on occasion, global destinations—as part of our Honors First-Year Inquiry Series, Honors Interdisciplinary Seminars exclusively for upperclass Honors students, and our Dialogues of Civilization initiative. In addition, students have access to Honors sections of courses that are offered by their departments and colleges, which may satisfy core curriculum requirements.

The courses offered by the University Honors Program cannot be found in any traditional curriculum. Rather, they are unique courses, designed by faculty to enable Honors students to take an in-depth study of relevant issues of the day following an interdisciplinary perspective (e.g., promoting brain health through neuroscience and lifestyle, cybercurrencies, climate change) as well as those of long-standing interest (e.g., the impact of the scientific revolution, and the cold war).

Honors courses are enriched experiences as they involve some form of experiential learning. This could be the creation of a particular project or product (e.g., a grant proposal to help a community-based health center achieve their goals, the creation of a novel language, or a manuscript to be submitted for publication), the performance of community service, and in some cases, a global experience led by the professor of the course.

To enhance discussion, interaction, and collaboration between faculty and students, enrollment in Honors courses is limited to fewer than 20 students.

As Honors offerings change every semester, students should regularly consult the university course listings and the University Honors Program website to learn about upcoming course options.